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Can Charisma Be Learned?

Charismatic Financial Advisors are great communicators. They connect on an emotional level. They get people to buy in, to believe. Just imagine that you alone can make someone act...


Your Goal Today Is to Get an Appointment

Your Goal Today Is to Get an Appointment

What’s so magical about having goals? It’s not so much that we don’t achieve them. It’s that we too often conveniently forget we even have them. With or without...


Tell a Story - Crafting a Great Story Video Post

Tell a Story – Crafting a Great Story

Geoffrey James writes a wonderful column for Recently he reviewed a book about business storytelling. In his article, James recapped the seven ingredients that make a story great....


Happy Thanksgiving Post - Why we should be profoundly grateful that we are Financial Advisors

Happy Thanksgiving Post

Despite the pervasive and crippling ‘bad news sells’ syndrome, people the world over do pause to give thanks for all that is good. Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October....


Distinctly Different - Ya Gotta Stand Out CD

Stand Apart from the Crowd

I have a friend who is married to one of America’s most successful professional golfers. My friend is a golf pro, but a teaching pro. He is...


Say It So It Makes a Difference - Don Connelly CD

Learn to Be a Great Storyteller

Weaving a spellbinding story is an acquired skill. You can do it. Like everything you've ever achieved in life, your proficiency will depend upon how badly you...


Professional Listener - Are You Listening

Are You a Professional Listener?

Most people never listen, period. That includes my doctor, my handyman and the last car salesman I visited. I can only hope that air traffic controllers listen. Why...

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