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Tell Simple Stories

Clients, as we’ve discussed in the past, love word pictures. What we find very, very simple, people find very, very difficult to comprehend. This is much the same as...


Effective Communication Is an Acquired Skill

Effective Communication Is an Acquired Skill

Effective communication occurs when the listener understands everything you just said. You made the complex simple. That’s not an easy thing to do. It takes a long time and a...


Common Sense Is Quite Uncommon - Financial Advisors Blog

Common Sense Is Quite Uncommon

Our A students become professors. Our B students go to law school. Our C students rule the world. So wrote Dean of Harvard College, Henry Rosovsky. The inference to be drawn...


Optimism Attitude and Financial Advisors

Optimism Is a Choice

I read an interesting article that stated each of us has nearly 60,000 thoughts per waking day, one each second. We mostly think about things we have thoughts about...

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Investing Wisdom - Stock Market Trends

Play The Cards The Market Deals You

There are things we know and there are things we don’t know. A first thing we know is that every single time the stock market has gone down, it...

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