5 Reasons to Always Strive for Excellence

5 Reasons to Always Strive for Excellence

If you want to become an elite advisor, you need to strive for excellence in everything you do. And this requires an outstanding work ethic. Great advisors ply their trade until they become proficient. They understand that striving for excellence is an ongoing process; that there’s always room for self-improvement and it is excellence that will separate you from non-achievers. Here are some reasons to develop the habit of excellence.

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To Be The Best Financial Advisor You Can, It’s Essential to Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself To Be The Best Financial Advisor You Can

There are two paths you can follow in your career: One that goes uphill or the easy one, which involves simply getting through the day. Not many people take the steepest and hardest path, which is why so few really achieve success. But if you’re prepared to challenge yourself and commit to hard work, practice and persevere, you will maximize your talent and do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.

So, step out of your comfort zone and start creating your own success story. Here are a few important self-challenges.

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How to Use Stories and Analogies to Influence and Persuade

How to Use Stories to Influence and Persuade - for Financial Advisors

During our latest monthly webinar, held July 24, 2104, we discussed the importance of speaking in such a manner that our listener understands everything we say. It is the Advisor’s job to influence and persuade and it all begins with communicating clearly. “We want to go home and think it over” is often code-speak for “We don’t really understand you.”

When you give a good presentation full of sound advice and people choose not to act, what went wrong? Why did they choose not to do business with you? Why did you fail to move them?

There really aren’t that many possible answers to this question.

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Can Charisma Be Learned?

Don Connelly audio podcast

Charismatic Financial Advisors are great communicators. They connect on an emotional level. They get people to buy in, to believe. Just imagine that you alone can make someone act and feel a certain way. No other Advisor lights up a room the way you do. Just being near you makes people feel important. That’s charisma. You would be untouchable if you had tons of charisma. Can you learn how to acquire charisma?

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