Three Challenges Financial Advisors Face in Their Daily Work

Three Challenges Financial Advisors Face in Their Daily Work

A recent post on this blog outlined three challenges Advisors face when acquiring clients. This week I’ll outline three more chief challenges you are probably facing in your daily work, along with some tips on how to overcome them.

#1. Providing clients with reassurance when the markets take a downturn

Keeping clients on track when markets take a dive is a situation many advisors find tricky. But It’s essential to know how to keep clients invested for the long term.

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Make Sure You Are Not Just Moving, but Moving in The Right Direction

Don Connelly Center Stage with Brian Church - Moving in the Right Direction

Brian Church, business consultant and author, was our special guest on the recent April 30, 2014 Webinar. Participants from around the globe watched and listened as Brian put forth his ideas on how Financial Advisors can and must keep their businesses, their ideas and their client relationships moving in the right direction.

We must focus on LIFT, Brian’s term for growth; bettering our delivery, making the best use of our time, and growing our revenue through thick and thin. As fees continue to get compressed, we must increase the value of what we offer to the public.

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Inflection Points – The Science of Relational Milestones

Relationship Momentum Book Cover

I have had the pleasure of working with Financial Advisers for a number of years and I don’t think it is a secret that the strength of an adviser’s practice is measured in the quality and quite often, the profitability of his or her relationships.

No matter the endeavor, we are always in the pursuit of gaining Trust, Value and Momentum for our Relationships. There is certainly an Art and Science to creating Relational Momentum and today, we will take a look at the Science through Relational Milestones, or as I like to call them, Inflection Points!

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