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Asking for a Commitment

Mechanically, asking for a commitment is rather rudimentary. Why, then is asking such a difficult thing to do? The inability to properly ask is perhaps the number one reason...


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Don’t Ask for Referrals. Ask for Advice

I have a suggestion for those Advisors who have a difficult time asking their clients for referrals. Ask them for their advice and/or help instead. Explain to your...

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Don Connelly audio podcast

To Not Invest Is to Go Broke Safely

Bertrand Russell said to conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom. In order to trust you with his or her money, a client must, if not conquer, at...


See Your Presentation Through - Become a Good Storyteller

See Your Presentation Through

You've worked hard to develop and tweak your presentation. You've given it and heard it countless times. But your prospective client hasn't. It’s his or her...


People Are Voice Activated

People Are Voice-Activated

People are voice activated. Prospects are not going to talk to you until you talk to them. And there are only three types of people you can prospect going...

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