Tell a Story - Crafting a Great Story Video Post

Tell a Story – Crafting a Great Story

Geoffrey James writes a wonderful column for Recently he reviewed a book about business storytelling. In his article, James recapped the seven ingredients that make a story great....


Distinctly Different - Ya Gotta Stand Out CD

Stand Apart from the Crowd

I have a friend who is married to one of America’s most successful professional golfers. My friend is a golf pro, but a teaching pro. He is...


Say It So It Makes a Difference - Don Connelly CD

Learn to Be a Great Storyteller

Weaving a spellbinding story is an acquired skill. You can do it. Like everything you've ever achieved in life, your proficiency will depend upon how badly you...


Professional Listener - Are You Listening

Are You a Professional Listener?

Most people never listen, period. That includes my doctor, my handyman and the last car salesman I visited. I can only hope that air traffic controllers listen. Why...


Success as a Financial Advisor Is Easy to Explain, but Difficult to Replicate

Two Questions to Add to Your Repertoire

Effective communication is all about asking the right questions. I want to suggest two questions to ask your clients, two questions you might not be currently asking. It’s...

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