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No recruiting advisors with impressive AUM required. Instead, achieve greater productivity and increased AUM from your current advisors and teams by helping them hone the right soft skills.

Do all of your advisors know how to effectively influence client behavior? Do they clearly articulate the value they bring to the client relationship? Do they use stories, analogies and power phrases to be memorable and to explain difficult concepts in a manner that clients understand?

If no, then one of our three programs is definitely for you. Read on or click the button below to send an inquiry right away.

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The key to increasing your branch or team AUM is to help your Advisors hone the right soft skills and focus on the right aspects of their professional development that will help them to attract and retain more assets.

Many Advisors think that their success depends on product knowledge and technical skills. But it’s the mastery of soft skills that separate average advisors from great advisors.

The smartest advisors in the world, those with outstanding technical and product knowledge, won’t be successful if they can’t execute, if they can’t get an appointment, if they can’t open new accounts and keep clients.

Advisors are like Athletes: They can become elite ONLY if they become truly brilliant at executing the basics.

There’s a YouTube video of Steph Curry from the Oakland Warriors practicing three-point jumpers. It miraculously shows him making 100 straight 3-point jump shots before he quits! Think about how impressive that is! He’s not good at 3-point jump shots because he shoots them in a game. He’s brilliant at 3-point jump shots because he practices them over and over and over again until he can’t get it wrong.

Executing the basics with perfection is exactly what Advisors need to do in order to truly excel in this industry. They can’t afford to practice in front of clients and prospects. They need to have their rap down BEFORE they meet with them. And that’s what Don Connelly will help them to do.

Help your Advisors develop the soft skills that are barely, if ever taught in training.

Those are the skills that truly help advisors communicate to prospective and current clients in a manner that educates, inspires and influences client behavior. And it’s never too late to hone those skills.

Don Connelly would like to offer you three program alternatives he thinks would be most valuable to your teams. They include:

About Don Connelly

Don Connelly’s career on Wall Street spans nearly 50 years and today he is one of the most successful speakers in the Financial Advisory industry. Don Connelly educates, entertains and motivates audiences; more importantly – he inspires financial Advisors to achieve great accomplishments through mastering the conversational tools and soft skills that allow financial professionals to communicate with their clients in a totally confident, straightforward and understandable way.

Don’s mission for financial professionals is profound, yet simple:

The more successful we become the further we get away from the basics that made us successful in the first place. Learn to do something right and then do it right every single time.

What Financial Advisors say about Don Connelly’s training

Don is an absolute master at cutting through the constant ‘noise’ that surrounds all of us, always with great humor and clarity, to focus on what is ultimately important for our long term success as advisors – the basics. No matter how much our business appears to change, his message and principles remain timeless.

Scott Cooper, CFP, CFS / Vice President, Economics concepts/Securities America Inc.

Thanks so much for what you’ve given me to get back on track — $2.5 million in new assets and possibly another $5 million in the pipeline. Back to the basics-I listen to three podcasts of yours every morning before getting ready for work. Thanks for your wisdom and common sense.

Chip Gordy, MBA, CRPC / Owner, Investment Advisor Representative, Coastal Wealth Management LLC

Don’s combination of humor and sales knowledge is an unbeatable formula for getting sales professionals to stay focused on the basics.

Steve Scherbarth / Director Wealth Management Services,
RBC Correspondent Services

The Don of forthright, practical, time tested and market proven financial advice training. Full of one liners; totally authentic. Love it.

Neil Smith / Owner, Life Risk Limited, Christchurch, New Zealand

I have to say you have been an inspiration to me over my career. I always look to your stories to life me through the bad times and keep me charged during the good ones. Keep up the good work. It works!

EJ Long / Long Financial Group, Inc.

Don, thank you for all your support over the years. You have had a major impact on the way I approach my meetings and presentations. In short…”Game Changer.

Christopher Downey / Wholesaler. Franklin Templeton Investments

In an industry that is constantly trying to reinvent itself its nice to hear someone, indeed a legend like yourself, preaching the virtues of being nice to people, earning their respect and trust, and learning as a student of the game anything and everything to help mom and dad at the kitchen table. I hope we are not the last two screaming this from the mountain top!

Hope to see you again on the road. We are lucky to have you representing all of us in financial services.

Gabe Christian Gabrielsen / President, Lightstone Capital Markets

Building relationships and connecting with clients on an emotional level is hard and requires time. But you will accelerate your Advisors’ journey to success and they WILL reach new heights in 2022, should they focus on the right skills in their training.

Choose any of these three programs and you will increase the productivity and the profitability of every single Advisor you are responsible for.

Remember – all three programs teach skills barely, if ever taught in training. Help your Advisors stand head and shoulders above the competition and in doing so, develop their business and reach new heights in 2022!

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