Seven Things to Do to Set Yourself Up for Success as a Financial Advisor

Seven Things to Do to Set Yourself Up for Success as a Financial Advisor

All Financial Advisors need a track to run on. That is, a set of activities that you know are productive, and that will continue to guide you on your path to success, even … and this is key… even if you don’t feel like working!

Here is a set of seven principles that will help keep you focused and moving along your path to the very top of our profession.

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Stick to the Basics – Success Tip for Financial Advisors

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Let’s talk a bit about sticking to the basics.

I had the good fortune one time of talking with Quinn Buckner. Quinn Buckner, I believe, won a national championship in college in basketball, played in the NBA for the Boston Celtics. I’m a basketball fan and a big Celtic fan. Quinn played with Larry Bird who I think, along with Michael Jordan, is the best that ever lived.

I asked Quinn Buckner what the most amazing thing was that he ever saw Larry Bird do. And he said:

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New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

New Year's Resolutions for 2014

I make too many New Year’s resolutions. I know that because I have never once kept them all. That’s ironic since I preach simplicity. So this year, I’m going to eat my own cooking. I’m going to simplify my list. I’m going to make one resolution for you and one resolution for me. Let’s start with you.

Repeat after me: In 2014, I resolve to ask for the order.

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