If You Try to Be Perfect, You Will Always Fall Short

If You Try to Be Perfect You Will Always Fall Short

Don’t constantly strive for perfection. You will never achieve it. It will simply waste your energy and make you miserable. Instead, focus on what is achievable.

Sharpen your best skills and qualities so you can showcase them to clients and prospects. Practice them over and over until you get things right every time. Don’t dwell on what you’re not so good at.

Here are some ways to forget perfection and strive for excellence.

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How to Win Over Clients by Becoming More Likeable

Become Likeable - Win Over Clients

People will only do business with you if they like you and trust you. Human decisions are generally subjective. Even if you are the most professional financial advisor out there, if people don’t warm to you they won’t commit to you. Prospects will not choose you simply because you are competent; they will choose to do business with you because you are competent and likeable.

By becoming likeable you will stand head and shoulders above other advisors. And you don’t need innate talent to become more likeable. You can learn how to radiate confidence and charisma.

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Your Selling Skills Are a Reflection of Your Self-confidence

Your Selling Skills Are a Reflection of Your Self-confidence

Would you open an account with a Financial Advisor who was nervous and unsure of himself? Neither will your prospects.

Your livelihood is dependent upon your ability to sell yourself.

How well you sell yourself is in direct proportion to your self-confidence. The more success you have, the more you believe in your abilities and the higher you go. Top tier Advisors are supremely confident in their ability to influence and persuade. They have overcome the fear of failure.

It takes self-confidence to move another person to take action.

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