5 Risks You Run If You Grow Your Practice Too Fast

5 Risks You Run If You Grow Your Practice Too Fast

It’s natural to strive to grow your business, but too rapid a growth can bring with it a host of problems. By taking on too many clients and ‘running before you can walk’ you might damage your practice in the long run.

“The fuel of persistence is patience, the ability to tolerate delays while persisting.”

Elite advisors all share an important trait – that of patience. It doesn’t matter how good you are at your job. If you don’t see that success requires time and effort, you will remain at a mediocre level.

Here are five consequences of attempting to grow your practice too fast.

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What’s The Greatest Cause of Burnout among Financial Advisors

A Blueprint for Aspiring Million Dollar {Producers to Follow - AskDON

Here’s a question I received from Ricardo in Portugal. He’s writing about burnout with an interesting question.

What’s the greatest cause of burnout among advisors in the United States?

I think that actually is very easy to answer. Whether it’s Los Angeles or Lisbon, it doesn’t really matter.

Listen to the audio or read the transcript below to learn what Don thinks the greatest cause of burnout among Financial Advisors is.

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