Every Time You Sit with a Client, Your Leadership Skills Are on Display

Every Time You Sit with a Client, Your Leadership Skills Are on Display

I want to remind you that next to the family doctor, you are the most important person a family will meet. You are not a vendor. You are the person who has been chosen to lead this family to their safe retirement heaven. The burden is on them to make the sacrifices necessary to guarantee peace of mind in their later years. The burden of you is to make sure they do it.

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How Passion and Love for The Business Helps Financial Advisors Succeed

How Passion and Love for The Business Helps Financial Advisors Succeed

Ok, it’s the moment of truth. Answer this question honestly. Do you love what you do? Wait, I didn’t say “like”, I said “LOVE”.

Hopefully, you answered with a yes!

Now, let me ask that same question a little differently. Are you passionate about helping your clients achieve their financial goals?

Again, I hope the answer is yes!

These are important questions that I ask the many financial advisors whom I coach. All of these financial advisors desire to be extremely successful. Unfortunately, not all of them are able to say that they love the relationship part of the business. That presents a major problem for them to achieve the success that they are looking for.

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It Takes Extraordinary Patience to Build a Successful Business

Building a Successful Business Takes Extraordinary Patience

There is a great chance that you have a can of WD-40 under the sink or in the garage. Most people do. In fact, you can find it in the garages of homes in 160 countries. Everybody knows WD-40. What most people don’t know is the origin of the name.

The Rocket Chemical Company was founded in San Diego, California in 1953. It created a product to displace the standing water that caused corrosion in nuclear missiles. The first thirty-nine attempts to perfect the formula failed. Success was achieved on the 40th attempt. WD-40 literally stands for Water Displacement, 40th attempt. In 1969, the company name was changed to simply WD-40.

We have all heard of similar struggles by Walt Disney, Theodore Seuss Geisel and the Coca-Cola Company. If we’ve learned one lesson from these stories, the lesson is, don’t be in a hurry to become a success.

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9 Things Successful Financial Advisors Do Differently

What Successful Financial Advisors Do Differently

Everyone can be successful; the bigger question is who is willing to do what it takes to become successful?

Average Advisors often procrastinate and find excuses for their inaction. Top performing Financial Advisors roll their sleeves up and just do what they have to do to succeed. It’s that straightforward.

Here are 9 things that ordinary Advisors do extraordinarily well to become top producers in the industry:

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Sociability Is the Skill of Interacting Well with Others

Social Skills for Financial Advisors

The definition of sociability sounds mild: the quality or state of being sociable. The significance of sociability is anything but.

Sociability spawns likeability and likeability cannot be overstated in a business based on strong relationships.

People do business with people they like. An Advisor who does not have good social skills is probably not going to be likeable; and Advisors who are not likeable don’t last too long. They just don’t interact well.

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Without Integrity, There Is No Credibility

Without Integrity Financial Sdvisors Don't Have Credibility

If you are to be chosen as someone’s Financial Advisor, you must pass three tests. The person must like you and think you are smart, but, most importantly, the person must trust you. There is no substitute for trust.

When mom and dad leave you after that first meeting, they do not talk about convexity or tactical asset allocation.

They ask themselves one question: “Do you trust him? Do you trust her?” If the answer is ‘no’ or ‘not really’, you stand no chance of getting those folks as clients. There are too many other Advisors they can turn to.

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