How Much Do Financial Advisors Make?

How Much Do Financial Advisors Make

The simple answer is easy: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, personal financial advisors, on average, made $121,770 in 2018. Translated into an hourly figure, the typical financial advisor made $58.54 per hour, assuming a 40-hour work week.

That’s a mean average, though, which is skewed significantly higher by a few highly successful advisors at the top of the profession. The median average is much lower: $88,890 per year in 2018, or – again assuming a 40-hour work week — $42.73 per hour. “Median” means half the advisors surveyed earned more than that figure, in that year, and half of them made less.

The lowest 10% nationwide made $41,590, or $19.99 per hour – assuming a 40-hour work week. The top quartile of the profession earned $157,710.

But few of them became that successful by working a mere 40-hour work week in their early years!

Here are a few factors to consider to maximize your earning potential.

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Combatting Low Fees

Combatting Low Fees

If you ever need to combat lower fees, begin by understanding what your competition is actually doing. Then form your strategy accordingly.

Listen to this audio episode or read the transcript below to learn how to de-commoditize yourself and why you need to win the value-argument instead of the fee-argument.

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