A Story to Use When Discussing Your Fees & Commissions

The Springfield Story - Discussing Fees and Commissions

There are times when prospective clients are going to focus on your fees or your commissions. I want to talk about that, because it’s no one’s goal to offer the cheapest possible financial advice. That’s just not the way it goes.

So when someone talks to you about commissions or fees, I want you to tell them the Springfield story.

Watch the video or read the transcript below to hear the full story.

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Why Your Clients and Prospects Need You

Don Connelly audio post - golf

Let’s talk some more about Mr. and Mrs. Client and why they need to invest now and with you. The whole discussion of commissions and fees is not about the question ‘what your commission is’; it’s ‘why should I pay a commission? Do I need to pay a commission or a fee when I can do this on my own? Why should I have a financial advisor?’

So when somebody says “What are your commissions? What are your fees?” I’d say “Let’s discuss the real question here, which is: do you need an advisor?”

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