Death of Common Sense

The Death of Common Sense - Don Connelly

I want to pass on to you an obituary, no pun intended, called ‘The Death of Common Sense’. You may have seen this. If you haven’t, it’s just extraordinary, and basically it said, “We’re mourning the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for so many years. No one knew for sure how old he was. His birth records were lost long ago on bureaucratic red tape. He’ll be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as, ‘knowing when to come in out of the rain’, ‘why the early bird gets the worm’, ‘life isn’t always fair’, and, of course, ‘maybe it was my fault’, that’s a great lesson.”

Watch the video or read the transcript below to hear the entire obituary of Common Sense and hopefully help you put things in perspective and think about the world we live in today.

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10 Things Clients Want from Their Advisors

Don Connelly tips on his blog

One of the things I’ve observed over the years is that good service does not sell. Great service sells.

Watch this video to hear Don explain how to make your service great.

One of the firms I really admire has done something that is so good that when you put together your service proposal, you have to refer to it.

The firm is Cadaret Grant. The late Mac Cadaret was a wonderful guy, Art Grant is a friend. The men and women that work there have built a tremendous organization. They took the time and the presence of mind to ask clients what top ten things they wanted from their advisors. I thought you’d like the answer.

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Your Selling Skills Are a Reflection of Your Self-confidence

Your Selling Skills Are a Reflection of Your Self-confidence

Would you open an account with a Financial Advisor who was nervous and unsure of himself? Neither will your prospects.

Your livelihood is dependent upon your ability to sell yourself.

How well you sell yourself is in direct proportion to your self-confidence. The more success you have, the more you believe in your abilities and the higher you go. Top tier Advisors are supremely confident in their ability to influence and persuade. They have overcome the fear of failure.

It takes self-confidence to move another person to take action.

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Common Sense Is Quite Uncommon

Common Sense Is Quite Uncommon - Financial Advisors Blog

Our A students become professors. Our B students go to law school. Our C students rule the world.
So wrote Dean of Harvard College, Henry Rosovsky.

The inference to be drawn from Rosovky’s observation is that common sense will take one very far in life. Street smarts trump book smarts.

Everybody seems to know that common sense is always the answer.

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