Sacrificing Instant Gratification

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I was talking with an advisor in Beverly Hills and she asked me a question. She actually made an observation, but it was in the form of a question. She said to me that she finds it a bit odd that financial success is a function of delayed gratification in a world that insists on instant gratification. Do I have any thoughts about that? And the answer is ‘Yes, I do!”

Listen to this audio episode or read the transcript below to learn what Don Connelly thinks about sacrificing instant gratification.

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It’s The Little Things That Add Up in The Long Run

It Is The Little Things That Add Up in The Long Run

Having big ambitions is great – but if you want to achieve your long-term goals, you need to know there’s no rapid escalator to success. Only by learning the art of self-discipline and taking small and consistent steps will you reach your ultimate target. Here’s how smaller steps can lead to bigger things.

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Why Both You and Your Client Need the Skill of Visualization

Naturally your clients read the papers, watch the news, and use the internet to see what’s happening to their investments, they’re interested. And there will be bumps in the road. Keeping clients fully invested in the face of bad news is hard to do, so how do you get them to grin and bear it?

When someone sees their portfolio go down it’s your job to refocus them on the road ahead.

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Convincing Your Clients to Sacrifice for a Reward They Can’t Visualize

Convincing Clients to Sacrifice for a Reward They Can’t Visualize

I am convinced the hardest thing in the world to sell is advice, especially when the reward for following said advice is so far down the road it can’t be visualized. “Trust me” is an understatement.

Convincing others to settle for delayed gratification is a challenge you face every day.

You must establish such a high level of trust with people that they allow themselves to be helped. You have to make them comfortable enough to tell you their goals and their dreams. You have to enable them to see themselves attaining those goals.

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