4 Reasons Why You Should Prepare Your Bear Market Presentation When The Market’s High

When the market declines your clients will no doubt be aware of the simultaneous fall in the value of their portfolios. And they will be concerned. Human nature dictates this. That’s why when the time comes, it’s crucial that you are prepared to counter their insecurity with reassurance. You must be ready to instill them with confidence that their investments are secure.

If you run and hide when the markets tumble (like a surprising number of advisors do), your clients’ fears will multiply. As a consequence, they could end up making a bad decision about their investments – or about working with you.

So, make sure you’re ready to step into the breach by having your presentation ready to hand. Here are four reasons why you should prepare that presentation right away.

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Every Financial Advisor Needs to Tell Great Stories

Human beings have an innate desire to tell and listen to stories. Good stories grab the attention and inspire people to act, which is why storytelling should be an essential tool in your armory. If you become a great storyteller, prospects and clients will leave your office remembering both you and your message.

Stories are also a great way to help make the unfamiliar familiar – they promote the understanding of complex issues. Plus, they’re effective at creating an emotional bond between storyteller and listener.

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How to Keep Clients Motivated and Stop Them from Making Bad Decisions

How to Keep Clients Motivated and Stop Them from Making Bad Decisions

According to leading psychologist Danial Kahneman, people often form responses instinctively – accepting the first judgement that comes to mind. When left to own devices, we’re apt to make poor decisions based on fallacies or personal biases. And this is never truer than when it comes to investing.

The greatest challenge faced by any financial advisor is that of keeping clients invested for the long term. When the markets are down clients become anxious – they instinctively want to move their money out. Alternatively, they may want to start chasing ‘hot stocks’ in a bid to boost performance. Either way, they’re at risk of abandoning their long-term financial plan.

It’s your job to step into the breach and stop clients from making bad decisions. You need to act quickly to keep them invested.

Here’s how to stop clients from making bad decisions and help them stick to the plan – no matter what the market conditions are.

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