Strengths or Weaknesses: Where Should Advisors Focus?

Strengths or Weaknesses - Where Should Advisors Focus

Getting to the next level in any endeavor requires a thorough understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths have the potential to power your advancement, while weaknesses could possibly hold you back. But not all strengths and weaknesses are equal in the way they can impact your practice. The challenge for advisors is knowing whether to focus first on their weaknesses and then their strengths or vice versa.

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Get Comfortable with the Notion that You Need to Sell in order to Grow Your Business

You Need to Sell in order to Grow Your Business

Advisors approach me about coaching. Rarely are the requests about improving their selling skills. Being better organized, being more efficient and going to the next level are popular goals. But I cannot recall one instance where an Advisor said to me, “I want to be better at selling.”

I don’t think that the reason for not asking me is that every Advisor thinks he or she is a great salesperson. Rather, I think that ‘salesperson’ is an image to be avoided at all costs. To many Advisors, selling is a dirty word.

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