When Starting as a Financial Advisor …

When Starting as a Financial Advisor

The financial services industry is incredibly competitive and the first few years can be especially gruelling for new advisors. When you first start out you won’t have many clients or a network to get you referrals but so long as you have a plan and stick with it, you will soon make an impact. You are not going to become successful by accident.

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Excellence Is a Habit – How to Develop it

Excellence is a habit - how to develop it

There is no convenient escalator to success, but rather a stairway which needs to be climbed step by step. No one becomes a great advisor overnight, or by being endowed with extra talent. Those that succeed do so because they’ve plied their trade day after day to such a degree that they have become the best at what they do. They have a plan and they stick to it; they understand what’s important and put their focus into these areas. They became ‘brilliant at the basics’.

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