Becoming a Financial Advisor at 40? Yes, You Can!

Becoming a Financial Advisor at 40 - Yes, You Can

This is for all you career-switchers, and those considering a career change move into financial advisory services:

Don’t listen to the nay-sayers and the haters: You absolutely can become a successful financial advisor as a second career. In fact, as a career-switcher, you’ll have many advantages over your younger peers in your training classes.

Here are some of the many pros of becoming a financial advisor mid-career – and a few of the obstacles you may encounter.

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What Are Repeatable Processes and Why Do You Need Them?

What Are Repeatable Processes and Why Do You Need Them?

Repeatable processes are processes that can be followed day in, day out. The task of developing repeatable processes may appear time-consuming (even mundane), but it’s essential if you are to grow your business.

Just as the setting and the following of daily routines helps in everyday life, successful advisors know that by creating consistent repeatable processes they’ll build up a competitive advantage that’s hard to beat.

Here’s why you should be incorporating repeatable processes into your business model.

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A Blueprint for Aspiring Million Dollar Producers to Follow

A Blueprint for Aspiring Million Dollar {Producers to Follow - AskDON

A while ago I received an email from Guy Steele who is a friend and an advisor in Hawaii. He said:

“Give me an idea of how a million dollar producer works. How many calls a day do they make? How many hours a day do they work? Mentally what’s their mindset each day when they go to the office? Do you have a blueprint for aspiring million dollar producers to follow?”

Listen to Don’s answer or read the transcript below.

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