How Interpersonal Relationships Lead to You Being Trusted

How Interpersonal Relationships Lead to You Being Trusted

By now you know my belief about gathering assets. If someone likes you, trusts you and thinks you are smart, you get the assets. If another Advisor ranks higher in those categories, he or she gets the assets.

Follow the Golden Rule and you will be likable. Simplify the business so that your listener can understand every word you say and you will be perceived as smart.

Do what you say you are going to do and you will earn the other person’s trust.

Like most things in life, the solution to each of these perceptions is simple. It’s not easy, but it is simple.

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Without Integrity, There Is No Credibility

Without Integrity Financial Sdvisors Don't Have Credibility

If you are to be chosen as someone’s Financial Advisor, you must pass three tests. The person must like you and think you are smart, but, most importantly, the person must trust you. There is no substitute for trust.

When mom and dad leave you after that first meeting, they do not talk about convexity or tactical asset allocation.

They ask themselves one question: “Do you trust him? Do you trust her?” If the answer is ‘no’ or ‘not really’, you stand no chance of getting those folks as clients. There are too many other Advisors they can turn to.

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People Are Deciding about You, Not the Numbers

Do Business with You - People Decide about You and Not numbers

When you are trying to convince someone to do business with you, you must earn that person’s trust. When you use charts, graphs and numbers to make your point, you are asking the person to trust the numbers. Asking someone to trust the numbers is really saying there is no need to trust you.

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Your Job Is to Find the Pain and Make It Go Away

Don Connelly audio podcast

Imagine if you were in long-term back pain and you were sorely in need of relief. Your diligence has led you to a doctor who assures you that, if you allow her to perform surgery, the pain would not merely be alleviated; the pain would be gone. She explains that there will certainly be some short-term discomfort, but any inconvenience will be worth it in the long run. You will be overjoyed when you are pain free.

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How Many Referrals Do You Give to People Who Call on You?

Do you give referrals to people who call on you and how many

Let’s discuss three issues. The first issue is reflected in the title. But let’s amend the question to read, ‘How many referrals have you given or will you give unless a friend asks you for one?’ The second issue is this: When is the last time you hired someone to do anything for you unless you got that person by asking someone for a name?

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