Building Resiliency Through Successful Calling Habits

Building Resiliency Through Successful Calling Habits

I think it’s safe to say that most financial advisors don’t like making prospecting calls. Many even detest it. At best, it’s a necessary evil.

However, some advisors not only welcome the challenge of call prospecting, but they also thrive on it. One advisor I know considers each phone call he makes as the potential to uncover riches like scratching off lottery tickets. He said, “I could win the lottery at any minute, and if I scratch off enough tickets, believe me, I will win the lottery.”

That’s one way to stay motivated. But there is an element of truth to it. Ambitious advisors will do whatever it takes to build a resilient mindset, which is critical to success in any endeavor. They’re not afraid to risk rejection because they know it will lead to wins, and that’s what they live for. However, for resilience to be sustained, it must be built on solid habits that eliminate the overthinking that leads to call reluctance.

Here are the essential calling habits—several of which occur before the call—you must develop to grow your businesses successfully:

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