Reasons Clients Need a Financial Advisor – Overcoming the Do-It-Yourself Objection

Reasons Clients Need a Financial Advisor – Overcoming the Do-It-Yourself Objection

We’ve all encountered them: The prospect or client who wants to go it alone. They want to manage their own portfolio.

Well, here’s one approach you can use:

First, ask the question, “Can I share something with you?” (I like this phrase because it’s non-confrontational. It doesn’t activate the prospect’s ego, leading to an argument you can’t win. It neutralizes it.

Then you can show them the latest DALBAR study.

It doesn’t matter much what year you use. The results for individual DIY investors are almost always dismal: According to the 2019 DALBAR Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior, the typical do-it-yourselfer achieved an annual real return of just 1.71%.

Compared with the S&P 500, do-it-yourself investors lagged the S&P 500 by huge margins:

• 4.35 percentage points, annualized, over five years;
• 3.46 percentage points, annualized, over 10 years;

The reason: Bad market timing decisions. People pile into the market at the wrong times, and then they panic and sell at the wrong times.

Why? Because people are irrational, and are hardwired to make sub-optimal decisions.

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Building Healthy Relationships with Clients – Six Steps Financial Advisors Should Take

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As an advisor, how high you go is dependent on your ability to maintain long-term relationships. There’s no activity more crucial for the success of an advisor than relationship building. To help you evaluate your relationship building and management skills, I’d like to share a few of Don’s top podcasts on the topic. Hopefully, they’ll give you some food for thought and actionable steps you can take to improve your practice and create loyalty among clients.

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What Financial Advisors Read The Most on Our Blog in 2016

What Financial Advisors Read The Most on Don Connelly’s Blog in 2016

Did you know that you are one of over 30,000 Financial Advisors and Wholesalers who have read Don’s blog posts in 2016? We decided it’d be great to close our blogging year by bringing back to your attention the top 10 blog posts that our community enjoyed the most during the past year.

Top 10 posts on Don’s blog, published in 2016

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What If Clients’ Sentimental Equity Holding Doesn’t Match Their Risk Tolerance?

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Today I’d like to share with you an email I received a while ago from Mike at Edward Jones. ¨What is the best way for an FA to approach a client about an equity holding that has sentimental value to the client but does not fit their risk tolerance? I have a 75-year old widow with over 50% of her net worth in Disney stock. I also have a widow who inherited her husband’s IRA at another firm. She had no idea what was in it, it was with an advisor she doesn’t know. Turns out it is 60% in aggressive investments, but she still wants to keep it there. Help.¨Listen to Don’s answer or read the transcript.

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