How to Choose Your Specialty as a Financial Advisor

How to Choose Your Specialty as a Financial Advisor

The financial services market is becoming more complex and more complex every day. Everybody needs a focus. And those with focused practices are better able to serve their clients. None of us can be all things to all people so it’s important to specialize in the kind of advice you give.

But do you know how to choose your specialty as a Financial Advisor?

There are two key considerations – both equally important: Your market, and your passions.

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A Story to Use When Discussing Your Fees & Commissions

The Springfield Story - Discussing Fees and Commissions

There are times when prospective clients are going to focus on your fees or your commissions. I want to talk about that, because it’s no one’s goal to offer the cheapest possible financial advice. That’s just not the way it goes.

So when someone talks to you about commissions or fees, I want you to tell them the Springfield story.

Watch the video or read the transcript below to hear the full story.

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A Simple Story – Financial Advisor’s Best Friend

Simple Stories – Financial Advisor’s Best Friend

Being misunderstood may be funny in burlesque, but it’s not funny when you’re trying to make a living as a Financial Advisor. There is nothing more important to an Advisor than communicating clearly.

The safest and surest way to communicate in our business is to make your message as simple as possible, to make the unfamiliar familiar. Stories and analogies do that better than anything else. They allow you to make your point concisely and they make people feel comfortable.

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