Don, As I enter my 5th year working out here in Kansas City, I just wanted to say thank you. I use your stories several days a week, and they help create positivity in my meetings.  I still listen to your CDs even though I’ve been through them so many times. As great as all of our new technology is, it’s still a relationship and customer service business!

Nick Driscoll, Regional Advisor Consultant / Putnam Investments

I attended your workshop and it totally changed my vision of the business. I completed the workbook, but mainly my mentality changed after seeing you! I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU.

Tim Bogdachev

I was reminded during your presentation how much I appreciate your straight-forward support; so much so, I’ve just renewed my membership and now look forward to another year of sage advice. Thank you for your efforts and enthusiasm.

Eric W. Lantz, CFP / Ameriprise Financial

In an industry that is constantly trying to reinvent itself its nice to hear someone, indeed a legend like yourself, preaching the virtues of being nice to people, earning their respect and trust, and learning as a student of the game anything and everything to help mom and dad at the kitchen table. I hope we are not the last two screaming this from the mountain top! Hope to see you again on the road. We are lucky to have you representing all of us in financial services.

Gabe Christian Gabrielsen / President, Lightstone Capital Markets

It is always a treat to attend your presentations. You have my eternal gratitude for making my business successful. Thank you again for your contribution to this great business. I am confident that you have touched and improved endless number of lives.

Freddy D Telleria / Financial Network Investment Corporation

Thanks so much for what you’ve given me to get back on track — $2.5 million in new assets and possibly another $5 million in the pipeline. Back to the basics-I listen to three podcasts of yours every morning before getting ready for work. Thanks for your wisdom and common sense.

Chip Gordy, MBA, CRPC / Coastal Wealth Management LLC

I want to say thank you. I keep my head down and spend my time at work working. But then, every so often, I get distracted and find that I start over thinking things and am not spending my time picking up my phone and calling clients (for whatever reason, it’s been the last two days). This morning I saw your email referencing LeBron James and gave it a quick read. I just shook my head wondering how weird the timing was for that snippet. It made me smile and gave me the nudge I needed to re-connect with my day’s mission. I just want to say that what you do is truly appreciated – Thank you.

Joy Sheets / RBC Wealth Management

Good afternoon Don, thank you for delivering such an amazing presentation again for us at Leaders Forum in Montreal. I have had the pleasure of seeing you a few times now and I come out of each presentation with increased motivation and quite a few ideas to implement.

Colin Holbrough / Division Director. Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

Don, thank you for all your support over the years. You have had a major impact on the way I approach my meetings and presentations. In short…”Game Changer.

Christopher Downey / Wholesaler. Franklin Templeton Investments

First of all, I just want to say that I have learned so much from you in the past couple of days, since joining Don Connelly 24/7. THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to talk to me on the phone and calm me down for my pre-production assessment on Thursday! Your CD’s just arrived in the mail yesterday & I’ve been listening to them each time I get in my car. I love your style and ability to say it like it is. You have such a fantastic way of putting things into perspective and I have no doubt that I will be a GREAT Financial Advisor as long as I work hard, stick to the basics, and stay positive! Thank you for your help.

Rachel Owens / Morgan Stanley

I have to say you have been an inspiration to me over my career. I always look to your stories to life me through the bad times and keep me charged during the good ones. Keep up the good work. It works!

EJ Long / Long Financial Group, Inc.

I really enjoyed listening to you. After I heard you say, “It’s simple. If I don’t ask, I can’t be rejected”, I called a lady who has been with another Advisor for ten years. I had a portion of her money and told her she should consider moving her entire account to me. Guess what? She agreed with me that all her money in one spot was a good idea. This was the third try. Thanks for pushing me.

Rita Dillon / Professional Investments

I just finished reading your sales idea “The Curse of the Bell Curve” and it was right on the money. It is some of the best stuff you have assembled. This is a simple business as you state over and over. It is just hard work. I can’t tell you what a wonderful mentor you have been to me over the years. Thank you for your efforts and dedication to mu success. It is appreciated.

Paul Schluckebier / Branch Manager. Wells Fargo Advisors

Thank you for the many years of inspiration. You have been a driving force in my business for years.

Andrew Stout / Merrill Lynch

The Don of forthright, practical, time tested and market proven financial advice training. Full of one liners; totally authentic. Love it.

Neil Smith,Owner / Life Risk Limited

Dear Don,

It was a pleasure meeting you, seeing your energy, and hearing your stories. Thank you for reminding me of what I need to do.


Jared K. Yuen, DFP, CRPC / Hawaii Wealth and Legacy Planning Group, A financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

Hi Don,

Thanks for the shout out on this month’s newsletter ! I was literally eating my sandwich at a cafe with headphones in and jumped up and said ” that’s me!” Haha.

Just saying thanks for what you do for us FAs in the trenches. I wish I knew about you when I was a rookie at the wirehouse. I remember being given a book called Storyselling for Financial Advisors by Van Kampen and thinking I was too cool for school. I was using Morningstar and all this financial jargon and so many lost relationships with “let me think about it”.

Thanks for keeping your material in just-in-time fashion. I listen to you everyday and my only disappointment is that I wish I found you a lot earlier in my career.

Many thanks,

Vernon Ng / Citi Personal Wealth Management, San Francisco

The training session was a hit. My inbox is filling up with emails just like this below. Thank you Ema for sharing Don with us! He is the best in the business. I hope the two plugs for Putnam were good enough for you. Thank you again!

Jason Liu, Managing Director / Wealth Markets, Head of Wealth Planning, Director of Training and Sales Development

Congrats on this website. No one understands better than you the life of an advisor. I still remember reading your book draft.
Watching your 2 minute video, one can sense the absolute passion and absolute truth that you have always brought to the industry. You have been and always will be a National Treasure.

John Wallin

I left the Army and started with Edward Jones in 1998. This profession did not come naturally to me but I listened to your cassette tapes Putnam would send me over and over and did my best. I still have them and I was so happy to find you are still creating content and training advisors. I think the most important thing I got from you early in my career was conviction in future success of this country, the durability of free markets and that I was providing an extremely important service to families. I highly doubt I would still be here without those tapes.
Thank you for the encouragement and spreading such a positive message. Your advice has stood the test of time and served me and many others extremely well. I am very much looking forward to seeing what you’ve done since you published those old tapes!

Roy Jones / Aegis Wealth Group