Be Brilliant at the Basics Workshop - Don Connelly & AssociatesThese dynamic and compelling workshops give Advisors and Wholesalers easily implemented, practical tools and ideas that will make an immediate impact on their success.

Don Connelly is a master at training Financial Professionals on how to attract clients and strengthen client relationships; and at providing them with the immediate tools they need to grow their businesses. Workshops can be scheduled on-site or on-line.

Be Brilliant at the Basics: A Repeatable Process for Peak Performance

‘A Repeatable Process for Peak Performance’ is a thorough examination of both the hard skills and the soft skills needed to excel. The purpose of this workshop is to give Advisors and Wholesalers a process or processes they can depend upon through all types of markets, good and bad.

At first glimpse, it appears that top quintile Financial Professionals have some sort of innate talent that propels them to the top; when, in fact, their success is actually due to years of deliberate practice and repeatable performance. They set goals, prospect, get appointments, open accounts and nurture relationships day in and day out.

By creating a failsafe repeatable process, they eliminate slumps, as well as the need to be always reacting to changing market conditions. They know nothing happens without an appointment. That’s what we emphasize in this workshop.

We show participants how to use their hard skills to perform the tasks associated with the job; and how to use their soft skills to build relationships and influence people.

For Financial Professionals who don’t embrace a deliberate and repeatable mindset, their time gets stolen.  Running the business always gets in the way of growing the business.

This workshop is for those Financial Professionals who understand they are running a valuable business.  They have made the decision to become great and want to know the best path to follow.  They want to learn how to become excellent by doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well.

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“Your session is a huge wake-up call to get back to perfecting the basics”
“Great ideas for us to use to refine our business practices”
“Inspired me to achieve higher success”
“Pearls of wisdom from years of experience”
“Great tools that are applicable to my business”

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On-line Presentations: One hour to multiple sessions
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