At Don Connelly & Associates we understand that top performance doesn’t happen by accident, rather by careful design. Our Founder & CEO, Don Connelly, has long been an inspiring partner, trainer, advocate and mentor to thousands of Financial Professionals.

With a career spanning more than 50 years in the Financial Services industry, Don Connelly is a beacon of wisdom, authority and common sense. Thus all the services, training and programs offered through Don Connelly & Associates are designed to be compelling, easily implemented and results driven; to help Financial Professionals become more successful and thus, more profitable.

To address Advisors’ and firms’ needs in a post-pandemic world, all our onsite training is now available in a virtual format too.

Live Events: On-Site and Virtual Presentations for Advisory Firms and Clients

Establishing Trust in a Virtual World - Presentation

Establishing Trust in a Virtual World

This timely presentation will assist Advisors to establish trust with prospective and current clients in our new world where face-to-face meetings are rarely conducted.

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Distinctly Different - Ya Gotta Stand Out - Presentation

Distinctly Different: Ya Gotta Stand Out

This virtual presentation will assist Advisors to stand out from their competition and never ever compete on price.

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Don't Listen to the Short-term Noise - Presentation by Don Connelly

Don’t Listen to the Short-term Noise: Guiding Clients Through Volatile Markets in 2023

This timely presentation will teach you the compelling story you need to keep clients focused on their goals as you lead them through what may very well be continued turbulence.

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Litany of Disaster - Video and PowerPoint Presentation by Don Connelly

Litany of Disaster – The History of DJIA Prices & The Impact of World Events since 1950

This timely presentation is the ultimate argument for investing money in the stock market and staying the course through turbulent times. It will assist Advisors and their clients to focus on the long term as well as to get off the fence, no matter market conditions. Ideal for Client or Advisor presentations.

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Workshops and Training Programs

Become Brilliant at the Basics - new advisor training course product image

Become Brilliant at The Basics – What They Don’t Teach You in Training

This is a 24-step program, complete with videos and exercises, designed specifically for new Financial Advisors who are looking to kick-start their practices, and for seasoned Advisors who are stuck at their level because they have strayed away from the basics that made them successful in the first place! Available to Advisory firms and individuals.

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Volatility & Bear Market Tool Kit - Store Product

Volatility & Bear Market Tool Kit for Financial Advisors: Be Prepared!

This is a tool kit for Financial Advisors who are afraid they might lose clients during bear or volatile markets or find it difficult to prospect for new clients because of it. This Volatility & Bear Market Tool Kit will give you the scripts, tools and instructions for what to do, what to say and how to say it.

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Become the Obvious Choice - workshop with Don Connelly

Become the Obvious Choice – LIVE Virtual Workshop

Learn why it’s important to Become the Obvious Choice and how to do it in order to open new accounts, attract referrals from your clients, and influence their behavior so they make informed and better decisions. This is a three-day workshop with Don Connelly, designed specifically for Financial Advisors and delivered in small groups of Advisors to ensure personal attention to every attendee. Available to Advisory Firms & Individuals.
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Become Brilliant at the Basics training program - featured image

Become Brilliant at the Basics – 12-week Coaching Program

Open only a few times a year, this 12-week coaching program will walk you through the process of developing the verbal competence, attitude and soft skills needed to attract and maintain clients. Featuring 24 video lessons, 24 exercises and 5 LIVE group coaching sessions, the program is available for Advisory firms and individuals.

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Online Learning Center Don Connelly 24/7

Don Connelly 24/7 - Learning Center for Financial Advisors

Don Connelly 24/7 – an Online Learning Center for Financial Advisors

The best Financial Advisors in the world have separated themselves from the pack by focusing on their soft skills. Skills barely, in fact never taught in training. These are the skills you learn and develop with Don Connelly 24/7. Join us to become brilliant at the basics and to take your business to the next level.

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Speaking events for Financial Advisors, Managers, Wholesalers & Investors:

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Live Webinars and Conference calls* $2,500 – $3,500

*Pricing is contingent upon the length of the presentation, its topic, the number of contracted events, and event location (for onsite events).   

Private Label/ Custom Services:

Personalized Cd’s & DV’s Available by quote
Audio/Video Drip Programs Available by quote

Fees are negotiable for retainer clients and for multiple event contracts – fill in the form below to request more details.

Travel expenses are invoiced separately.

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