workshop VIRTUAL with Don Connelly Three-day June, 2021 16 17 15 Become The Obvious Choice Learn why it’s important to Become the Obvious Choice in order to open new accounts, attract referrals from your clients, and influence their behavior so they make informed and better decisions. Click for Details Two Stories You Must Be
Telling in 2021
This timely presentation will teach you two stories crucial to your success: a compelling investing story that clients will understand and remember, and the most important story you will ever tell. SEE PRESENTATION DETAILS Don't Listen to the Short-term Noise:
Litany of Disaster – The History of DJIA Prices & The Impact of World Events since 1950 Hire Don Connelly for a compelling Virtual Presentation that is the ultimate argument for investing money in the stock market and staying the course through turbulent times. Ideal for Client or Advisor presentations. SEE PRESENTATION DETAILS How Financial Advisors Can Establish Trust in a Virtual World This webinar presentation/conference call will give Financial Advisors the tools they need to thrive in a virtual, two-dimensional world. BOOK YOUR WEBINAR/CONFERENCE CALL NOW This webinar presentation/conference call will help Financial Advisors to de-commoditize their businessand differentiate themselves from the competition. Ya Gotta Stand Out Distinctly Different: BOOK YOUR WEBINAR/CALL NOW Become Brilliant at the Basics: What They Don't Teach You in Training Are you a Financial Advisor who's been in business for 5 years or less? Here's a 24 step program to help you grow your business substantially - videos and exercises included and live coaching option. Learn more

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Why Financial Professionals & Companies Choose us

Don Connelly has lectured to tens of thousands of investors and financial professionals all over the world, including at the prestigious Million Dollar Roundtable as both a main platform and workshop speaker. He would be a great choice for your next company event if you’re looking for:

  • A speaker who educates, entertains and motivates audiences.
  • A presenter who inspires Financial Advisors to achieve great accomplishments.
  • A trainer to equip your team with the soft skills needed to succeed.
  • A mentor to help your team communicate to clients in a totally confident, straightforward and understandable way.
  • A plethora of supporting materials like CDs, mp3 recordings, Webinar Replays, a learning center, and more.

Pound for pound, Don is the best industry speaker on the planet. He has much to offer and so much to share.

C. Richard Hearn, LPL Starcare, Chairman

I absolutely love your stuff and use it daily. You are my best resource. Thanks again for keeping me motivated and passionate about this career.

Craig Advice, CFP / Hartford Investments Canada Corp.

Pound for pound, Don is the best industry speaker on the planet. He has much to offer and so much to share.

C. Richard Hearn, LPL / Starcare, Chairman

Dynamic and Compelling LIVE, Onsite & Virtual Events

Don delivers a variety of thought-provoking and dynamic keynotes, seminars, workshops & training sessions on-site for Advisors, Managers, Wholesalers and Investors.

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Workshops & Training Programs

We offer compelling, easily implemented and results driven workshops, from self-paced, to live virtual training and coaching programs designed to help Financial Professionals become more successful.

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Coaching & Professional Development Programs

Don offers group and individual coaching as well as an industry-leading professional development subscription-based learning center, Don Connelly 24/7.

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