Full Practice Management CD Library 300x300Don Connelly and Richard Capalbo together present a unique keynote or workshop presentation based on their popular 4-CD set/mp3: What Elite Advisors Do that Average Advisors Don’t Do

Attend this event to learn how to:

  • spend 75% of your time doing the few things that make a difference in your success
  • create a repeatable process to keep you aligned and reach your goals
  • become a great communicator whom prospects and clients easily understand
  • create conversational competence using parables, stories and analogies
  • develop a rigorous client acquisition and retention plan
  • let go of clients who do not fit your business model
  • master a sophisticated but understandable Asset Management Philosophy
  • refine your relationship skills to gain trust, be likable and constantly exceed client expectations
  • differentiate yourself from the growing competition

In 7 segments Don Connelly and Richard Capalbo will show you: How to Excel in the Securities Business.

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“Great insight into what matters to clients – trust, communication skills, and care about who they are.”
“I love watching them speak, they really know how to keep a captive audience.”
“Nothing really new, but still very well done and a great value-add piece to the two days. I do intend to buy their CDs because of the great way the information is presented.”
“Provided excellent tools to be come much more productive.”
“Great motivators for Advisors success!”

Additional Details:

On-Site Presentations: keynote presentations to half/full day workshops
On-line Presentations: one hour to multiple sessions
Pricing: fee + travel expenses, please call to discuss
Contact: 941-346-1166

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