Three-day Virtual Workshop with Don Connelly:
Position Yourself so You Become the Obvious Choice

During this workshop you will learn why it’s important to Become the Obvious Choice and how to do it in order to open new accounts, attract unsolicited referrals from your clients, and influence their behavior so they make informed and better decisions.

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Where: Online event

Who: specially designed for 25 Financial Advisors who want to influence client behavior and become the obvious choice

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Registrations limited to 25 Advisors – includes: three 3-hour workshop sessions during three consecutive weeks, workshop materials, follow-up email program and a follow-up group coaching session.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Elite Advisors easily stand out as the ‘obvious choice’.

Elite Advisors attract referrals.
Elite Advisors expertly influence client behavior.
Elite advisors have mastered the basics and execute them like professional athletes do.
Elite advisors are distinctly different from the crowd.
Elite advisors are known for their authenticity, charisma and ability to explain complex concepts in a way that prospects and clients can understand and are drawn to.
Elite advisors say more by speaking less.

Furthermore, they all develop strong relationships with clients based on trust. Everything they write, say or do allows them to Become the Obvious Choice.

If you are ready to take your business to the level of an elite advisor, consider joining this exclusive virtual workshop with Don Connelly – seats are limited.

At this workshop you will:

  • Uncover the traits and habits Elite Advisors share that make them the obvious choice.
  • Learn what makes Elite Advisors referable.
  • Learn how to establish trust early on in the relationship.
  • Learn how to articulate your value & develop your own clear value statement.
  • Acquire the knowledge to make yourself irreplaceable and priceless in the eyes of your clients.
  • Learn how legendary ‘caring’ leads to legendary service.
  • Understand why affluent investors focus on your EQ, not your IQ.
  • Take the first steps to becoming a master at building and telling stories in a style that best suits you.
  • Learn how to build your ‘Who I Am’ story (and why you should do that!)
  • Start using analogies to keep your message simple.
  • Learn the greatest equity story ever told.

At the end of this virtual workshop, you will have the tools you need to BECOME THE OBVIOUS CHOICE – an Advisor who gets selected over the competition, attracts referrals and expertly & confidently influences client behavior.

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Limited to 25 Advisors at a time. A follow-up group coaching session 7 weeks after the workshop included in the price.

How is this workshop different?

For starters, it doesn’t end at the end of the third workshop day.

The goal of this workshop is to help you become the obvious choice to open more accounts, attract referrals from your clients and influence their behavior so they make informed and better decisions. This won’t happen overnight. For that reason, we included an extensive follow-up program – to make sure you put in practice all the knowledge you obtain during the workshop day.

Here’s a summary of what makes this workshop different from any other workshop you have ever attended.

Is this workshop for you?

This workshop is definitely for you if:

  • You have many years in the business but as it so happens to many, you’ve reached a plateau because you’ve strayed away from the basics.
  • You are just starting your career as a Financial Advisor or have a few years under your belt and are ready to join the Elite.
  • You wish to convert more prospects into clients.
  • You want to always get your message across with prospects and clients alike.
  • You want to create a life-long loyalty with clients.
  • You want people to like you, trust you and think you are smart.
  • You want to grow your business in a healthy and steady manner.
  • You want to attract new clients and become referable.
  • You prefer to power-work through a three-day workshop training program (with some follow up activities and coaching sessions) instead of committing to a multiple-weeks training program.

This workshop is definitely NOT for you, if:

  • You don’t have the time right now to put in the focused effort to develop superb soft skills.
  • You are looking for a silver bullet or a shortcut to success.
  • You think Robo-advisors are your competition.
  • You don’t see the value in using stories, analogies and power phrases when talking with prospects and clients.
  • You think communication is overrated.
  • You find listening is not something you’re interested in learning to do.
  • You care only about the size of your pay check.
  • You cannot spare three hours every day for three days mid-June to attend live workshop sessions and to do exercises to improve your skills and business.

A quick look over the program during the workshop days:

Day One – Differentiation
12:00 noon ET – 3:00 pm ET/9:00 am PT – 12 noon PT

Day Two – Say it So it Makes a Difference
12:00 noon ET – 3:00 pm ET/9:00 am PT – 12 noon PT

Day Three – Be Brilliant at the Basics
12:00 noon ET – 3:00 pm ET/9:00 am PT – 12 noon PT

Follow-up Session – Interactive Q&A session
12:00 noon ET – 1:00 pm ET/9:00 am PT – 10:00 am PT


Reserve your seat for $1395, the price includes:

Discount pricing for multiple Advisors attending from the same branch available – call 941.346.1166 for details.

Cancellation and refund policy:

You must send an email to to receive a confirmation of your cancellation.

Cancellation requests received more than 15 days prior to the event will receive a 100% refund.

Cancellation requests received 15 days or less prior to the event will receive a 50% refund plus a credit for the balance of the registration fee for products and services available through Don Connelly’s websites, including the membership program at

Substitutions/name changes may be made at any time prior to the event without penalty.

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Registration for this online event is limited to 25 Advisors only.

Still reading? Here’s the detailed agenda for the workshop then:

Day One – Differentiation

12:00 noon ET – 3:00 pm ET/9:00 am PT – 12 noon PT

Topics that will be covered during this day are:

Day Two – Say it So it Makes a Difference

12:00 noon ET – 3:00 pm ET/9:00 am PT – 12 noon PT

Topics that will be covered during this day are:

Day Three – Be Brilliant at the Basics

12:00 noon ET – 3:00 pm ET/9:00 am PT – 12 noon PT

Topics that will be covered during this day are:

Follow-up Session – Interactive Q&A session

12:00 noon ET – 1:00 pm ET/9:00 am PT – 10:00 am PT

Seven weeks after the virtual LIVE workshop, a follow-up group coaching session will take place – an interactive Q&A session with Don for all attendees to discuss and share any challenges, changes and successes, along with and any single idea they’ve implemented since the workshop.

Ready to join yet? Watch this 5-minute video with excerpts from a previous workshop we held live, onsite before the Covid19 pandemic.

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Online event for 25 Advisors with a 7-week follow up program.

About Don Connelly

Don Connelly’s career on Wall Street spans nearly 50 years and today he is one of the most successful speakers in the Financial Advisory industry. Don Connelly educates, entertains and motivates audiences; more importantly – he inspires financial Advisors to achieve great accomplishments through mastering the conversational tools and soft skills that allow financial professionals to communicate with their clients in a totally confident, straightforward and understandable way.

Don’s mission for financial professionals is profound, yet simple:

The more successful we become the further we get away from the basics that made us successful in the first place. Learn to do something right and then do it right every single time.

What Financial Advisors say about Don Connelly’s training

I attended your workshop and it totally changed my vision of the business. I completed the workbook, but mainly my mentality changed after seeing you! I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU.

Tim Bogdachev

Don, As I enter my 5th year working out here in Kansas City, I just wanted to say thank you. I use your stories several days a week, and they help create positivity in my meetings.  I still listen to your CDs even though I’ve been through them so many times. As great as all of our new technology is, it’s still a relationship and customer service business!

Nick Driscoll, Regional Advisor Consultant / Putnam Investments

In an industry that is constantly trying to reinvent itself its nice to hear someone, indeed a legend like yourself, preaching the virtues of being nice to people, earning their respect and trust, and learning as a student of the game anything and everything to help mom and dad at the kitchen table. I hope we are not the last two screaming this from the mountain top! Hope to see you again on the road. We are lucky to have you representing all of us in financial services.

Gabe Christian Gabrielsen / President, Lightstone Capital Markets

It is always a treat to attend your presentations. You have my eternal gratitude for making my business successful. Thank you again for your contribution to this great business. I am confident that you have touched and improved endless number of lives.

Freddy D Telleria / Financial Network Investment Corporation

Don, thank you for all your support over the years. You have had a major impact on the way I approach my meetings and presentations. In short…”Game Changer.

Christopher Downey / Wholesaler. Franklin Templeton Investments

I have to say you have been an inspiration to me over my career. I always look to your stories to life me through the bad times and keep me charged during the good ones. Keep up the good work. It works!

EJ Long / Long Financial Group, Inc.

Thank you for the many years of inspiration. You have been a driving force in my business for years.

Andrew Stout / Merrill Lynch

The Don of forthright, practical, time tested and market proven financial advice training. Full of one liners; totally authentic. Love it.

Neil Smith,Owner / Life Risk Limited

Hi Don,

Thanks for the shout out on this month’s newsletter ! I was literally eating my sandwich at a cafe with headphones in and jumped up and said ” that’s me!” Haha.

Just saying thanks for what you do for us FAs in the trenches. I wish I knew about you when I was a rookie at the wirehouse. I remember being given a book called Storyselling for Financial Advisors by Van Kampen and thinking I was too cool for school. I was using Morningstar and all this financial jargon and so many lost relationships with “let me think about it”.

Thanks for keeping your material in just-in-time fashion. I listen to you everyday and my only disappointment is that I wish I found you a lot earlier in my career.

Many thanks,

Vernon Ng / Citi Personal Wealth Management, San Francisco

What Financial Advisors say about this workshop

Pat McEvoy, CEO and President of ONESCO, a broker dealer for Ohio National Life Insurance Company

David Anderson, BB & T / Scott & Stringfellow

Kim Sparks, Capital Ins

Don is a master communicator who can take complex thoughts and ideas and turn them into a simpler way of understanding the subject matter. The best part is his authenticity and true passion to teach. The perfect one day conference will have you thinking why your in this business in the first place. He shows you how to communicate to the point you become a magnet by others seeking your guidance. Its not a conference you will forget three days later. Don keeps you involved for weeks with thought provoking exercises and group conference calls. I’ll be back…………..

Neil Howard

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