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Dynamic and Compelling On-Site Events

Dynamic and Compelling On-Site Events

Don delivers a variety of thought-provoking and dynamic keynotes, seminars, workshops & training sessions on-site for Advisors, Managers, Wholesalers and Investors.

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Training & Value-Add Opportunities for Investment Product Distributors

Don helps train your wholesalers and internal sales staff. Better yet by sponsoring his powerful keynotes and dynamic workshops for your key account Broker Dealer Firms and their Advisors you have opportunities to build stronger relationships.

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"Tools of the Trade" Podcasts

Browse through 100’s of compelling audio and video podcasts showcasing Don’s advice on honing the skills necessary to achieve success in this industry. Learn more

Don's Latest CD

4-CD set by Don Connelly & Richard Capalbo, How to Succeed in the Securities Industry, What Elite Advisors Do that Average Advisors Don’t Do – a full pratice management library, 4 1/2 hour recording available in the store. Click for track list and details

Don Connelly CD recordings

All of them feature Don’s revered and indefatigable energy and passion. To name a few – “Say It So It Makes a Difference”, “Simple Truths for Investors”, Distinctively Different: Ya Gotta Stand Out” – see them all

Live Webinars and Replays

A great benefit of Don Connelly 24/7 membership is the opportunity to participate in live webinars with Don at least once each quarter. Each live event is recorded and available for replay. Learn more

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  • I absolutely love your stuff and use it daily. You are my best resource. Thanks again for keeping me motivated and passionate about this career.

    Craig Advice, CFP, Hartford Investments Canada Corp.

  • Your presentation was easily the best of the three keynote speeches. Your message is relevant and inspiring to advisors at any stage of their career!

    Bill Latimer, Latimer Financial Services

  • Don attended and spoke at our National Sales Conference to over 175 of our employees. To say it was life-changing is to put it mildly. If you have the opportunity to get this TRUE PROFESSIONAL in front of your FC's or clients, MAKE IT HAPPEN! The ideas and concepts that Don brought to the table were on point and eloquently delivered. It was the best money and time we have ever spent as a firm.

    Matthew T. Marcom, National Sales Manager, Investment Professionals, Inc.

  • I had the pleasure of meeting you at an Edward Jones Due Diligence Meeting last year and your time there was the highlight of my trip. I've listened to your CD's over and over on my IPOD and I appreciate your insights. You have been very influential in helping me in this business and I think you are amazing! Keep it up! I look forward to hearing your new CDs in the future and I will be sure to look into what you have to offer on your website.

    Ben Huff, Edward Jones

  • In my short career, Don has been instrumental in helping me get out of the gate effectively. His discussions only get better and better.

    Brian E. Moskowits, AAMS Financial Consultant, A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc.

  • I highly recommend Don. He is energetic, motivational, and full of very useful ideas. I have heard many speakers and he rates as one of the best.

    Marc Silverman, MBA, CFP, CLU, ChFC, Former Chair, The Million Dollar Round Table

  • I received my annual payments' worth in the first five minutes. I think I have read and listened to everything on your site at least once and more likely two or three times. I'm drawing it in as if I was a bone-dry sponge. I feel the information you are giving to be beyond incredible and can't thank you enough.

    Robert S. Moffat, A.G. Edwards

  • Don is an absolute master at cutting through the constant 'noise' that surrounds all of us, always with great humor and clarity, to focus on what is ultimately important for our long term success as advisors - the basics. No matter how much our business appears to change, his message and principles remain timeless.

    Scott E. Cooper, CFP, CFS, Vice President, Economic Concepts, Inc./Securities America Inc.

  • No matter what level of practice you have, or what your client base is, you will benefit by working with Don. In every meeting where Don spoke I have learned something that has allowed me to improve my practice or my client relationships.

    Roger Russell, CFP, Branch Manager , Financial Network Investment Corporation

  • What makes Don special is simple; he cares about people. His efforts have made my clients become better investors because he helps them see what matters and what doesn't. That's a wonderful gift which Don gladly shares with other.

    Larry Bakerjian, Registered Principal, Securities America

  • Camp Connelly is fantastic. I'm already incorporating some of your ideas into my business. Thank you.

    Justin Peek, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

  • Pound for pound, Don is the best industry speaker on the planet. He has much to offer and so much to share.

    C. Richard Hearn, LPL , Starcare, Chairman

  • Don Connelly delivers! He is thought provoking, entertaining and energized. A great speaker to kick off any meeting.

    Kelly Mason, Director of Mutual Funds Private Client Services, Wells Fargo Investments

  • Don's combination of humor and sales knowledge is an unbeatable formula for getting sales professionals to stay focused on the basics.

    Steve Scherbarth RBC Dain Correspondent Services, Director , Wealth Management Services

  • Don is a true maven of marketing. His inspirational and many times, humorous, words have helped thousands of retail brokers concentrate on what is really important… their clients and their lives. Don has consistently provided focus for all of us through the years. He has been an incredible inspiration to new and veteran brokers alike.

    Mark R Dick Sr., Vice President Investments, A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc.

  • Eight years ago, I started in this wonderful business and the first thing I was given to listen to was 'The Best of Don Connelly' tape set. It's the best thing that could have happened to me. I can't tell you how many times I have listened to those tapes over the years. Any time that I feel like I'm losing my focus, I remember that it is time to GET BACK TO THE BASICS.

    John Mark Rogers, Account Vice President, UBS Financial Services, Inc.


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What to Do in The First Client Meeting

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What Makes a Story Good?

What Makes a Good Story

“Tell me a fact and I’ll learn. Tell me a truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever”. This ancient Native American proverb still resonates today.

Everyone loves a good story. Good stories can captivate, teach, and persuade people to act, making them an excellent way to communicate with prospects and clients.

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