‘Why Should I Do Business with You’: Crafting a Compelling Response to a Prospect’s Critical Question

Why Should I Do Business with You - Crafting a Compelling Response to a Prospect's Critical QuestionFor every financial advisor, the question, “Why should I do business with you?” hangs heavy in the air during initial consultations, whether spoken or not. It’s a pivotal moment, a crossroads where trust and value must intersect to convince the potential client to take the next step. While tempting to launch into a self-promotional monologue, a nuanced, client-centric approach is critical to unlocking that coveted “yes.”

It’s crucial to understand that a prepared, cookie-cutter approach, such as reciting your value proposition, won’t work. Every prospect is unique, so it’s essential to adapt your approach based on their specific circumstances and needs using the following framework:

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#1. Shift the focus from you to them

The most effective response starts not with you but with the prospect. The temptation to launch into a litany of achievements and awards is understandable but resist it. Clients don’t want to see a trophy case; they want to know they’re working with an advisor who can provide solutions. Begin by actively listening to understand their unique financial goals, anxieties, and risk tolerance. Ask open-ended questions like:

“What are your biggest financial concerns and hopes for the future?”

“What have you found frustrating or challenging in your past financial experiences?”

“What specifically are you looking for in a financial advisor?”

Active listening at this stage is critical to building trust, and it allows you to tailor your response to their specific needs, ensuring it resonates deeply.

#2. Address their pain points

By actively listening, you’ll unearth their emotional and financial pain points. This is where you transition from understanding to solution-providing. Articulate how your expertise and experience directly address their concerns. For example:

“Feeling overwhelmed by investment options? I specialize in creating personalized, diversified portfolios tailored to your specific risk tolerance.”

“Worried about retirement security? I have a proven track record of helping clients develop strategies to achieve their desired retirement lifestyle.”

“Frustrated with high fees and impersonal service? I offer transparent fee structures and prioritize building genuine relationships with each client.”

#3. Tell a story

Facts tell, but stories sell. Share concrete examples of how you’ve helped clients with similar goals achieve success. Quantify your impact using data and testimonials to build trust and showcase your effectiveness. Consider sharing:

  • A case study illustrating how you helped a client navigate market volatility and achieve their investment goals.
  • A client testimonial highlighting your personalized approach and positive impact on their financial well-being.
  • A “why I’m here” story highlighting your journey to becoming an advisor and why it’s important to you.
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#4. Shine your unique light

While expertise is essential, it’s not enough. In a crowded field, you need to differentiate yourself. Highlight the unique aspects of your practice that set you apart from the competition, such as your expertise in a specific niche like tax planning or innovative tools you use for planning or communication. Give them a taste of the exceptional client experience they can expect with personalized service, flexible communication options, and the proactive management of their financial well-being.

Remember, people tend to choose advisors who resonate with their values and needs, not just generic qualifications.

#5. Building trust and rapport: The cornerstones of collaboration

Transparency is key. Be upfront about your fees and the structure of your services. Explain your investment philosophy and the rationale behind your decision-making process. Additionally:

Be authentic and personable: Let your passion for helping clients shine through. Building a genuine connection is crucial for establishing trust.

Actively listen and respond: Demonstrate attentiveness and respect for their unique situation and concerns.

Show empathy and understanding: Acknowledge their financial anxieties and validate their concerns.

Open communication is vital. Showcase your preferred communication style and accessibility to build confidence and rapport.

#6. Offer a compelling next step

Don’t leave the potential client hanging. Propose a concrete next step, demonstrating your commitment and allowing them to evaluate your services further. This could be a free consultation to delve deeper into their situation or a personalized investment proposal based on their initial information.

In addition, you could share articles, webinars, or eBooks related to their specific interests and challenges. This positions you as a valuable source of information beyond investment management.

Thank the client for their time and express your genuine interest in working with them. A timely follow-up email or call reinforces your professionalism and commitment.

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#7. Practice makes perfect

Refine your response beforehand. Prepare clear, concise, and personalized answers to anticipate their questions and concerns. Confidence and clarity go a long way in making a strong impression.

Remember, it’s not just about showcasing your expertise; it’s about understanding their needs, demonstrating your value, and building trust—the cornerstones of a successful and sustainable advisory relationship.

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