Kirti Anand Sharma (you can call her KAS!) is happily working as an Independent Consultant serving all kinds of Inbound Marketing needs. Her moto is to develop long term business relationships that are based on trust and customer satisfaction.

5 Ways Storytelling Helps Financial Advisors Succeed

5 Ways Storytelling Helps Financial Advisors Succeed

Think about the last “Great Presentation” you attended, where you felt as if the speaker was speaking your mind. How did this experience make you feel about the presenter?

Did you think he or she was so smart? Were you moved to ask for their business card or connect over LinkedIn? Or maybe you just walked up to say how much you loved their presentation? When you went back home, did you share your experience with someone?

For a truly great presentation, I believe the answer to at least one of these questions would be a “Yes”.

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35 Quotes for Financial Advisors on a Tough Day

35 Quotes for Financial Advisors on a Tough Day

On your journey to become a successful Financial Advisor, you will face a lot of challenges. Today’s post will empower you and your sales team to sail through a bad week, and constantly encourage pursuing your goals.

I have compiled a list of my top 35 favorite quotes about investing wisdom, inspiration, motivation and sales to help you make wise decisions, manage stress, stay positive and enthusiastic at all times. Enjoy!

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9 Things Successful Financial Advisors Do Differently

What Successful Financial Advisors Do Differently

Everyone can be successful; the bigger question is who is willing to do what it takes to become successful?

Average Advisors often procrastinate and find excuses for their inaction. Top performing Financial Advisors roll their sleeves up and just do what they have to do to succeed. It’s that straightforward.

Here are 9 things that ordinary Advisors do extraordinarily well to become top producers in the industry:

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5 Simple Stories Any Financial Professional Can Use

Webinar Relay - The Greatest Equity Story Ever Told - Don Connelly 247

It’s a proven fact that stories can influence the way we think, our decisions & how we feel, when used in personal or professional communications.

Ever felt like buying the same Smartphone as your friend did, after listening to his/her experience with t­­­­­­he set?

That’s one form of storytelling in play! Because of the tremendous power of persuasion these narratives have, storytelling has become an integral tool for successfully running any type of business. Speaking of Financial Services in particular, we know that it is a relationship building business and three things must take place for you to get a new client –

“That person must like you, trust you and think you are smart.” – Don Connelly.

Effective storytelling is therefore, a great tool by which Financial Advisors can instantly establish initial personal connection with their prospects and make those 3 things happen because:

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5 Personality Traits that Make a Great Leader

Personality Traits that Make a Great Leader

Some believe Leadership is about Power, Prestige and Status. Some feel it’s a rare innate talent to control others and just delegate. Some think of leadership as an act and not a position.

Existence of multiple theories and examples on “Leadership” are often confusing and easily lead to mixed messages or misconceptions. Amidst this confusion, the fact that remains unchanged is that: Strong leadership is critical for Success in any Business.

What makes a great leader? Let’s explore the 5 key traits that will help you be the kind of Leader your clients and prospects look for in their Financial Planners and the sales team look for in their managers .

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