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Distinctly Different: Ya Gotta Stand Out

‘Distinctly Different: Ya Gotta Stand Out’ is an in-depth study of Financial Professionals at the pinnacle of our industry who stick to and perfect the basics; and who exude an aura of likeability and trust that draws people to them.

Coco Chanel said, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”.

The Financial Services business has become commoditized.  It is difficult to be successful as an Advisor or Wholesaler doing exactly what everyone else is doing.  Being different is more important than ever. And it’s not the hard skills that separate people from the crowd.  It’s soft skills.  It’s not IQ.  It’s EQ.

This lively and interactive workshop focuses on using one’s soft skills to reach one’s full potential and to escape the stigma of me-too thinking which has infiltrated our industry. In this workshop participants are focused on the soft skills that account for ninety percent of their success. Self-awareness, caring, charisma, conversational competence, image building and self-motivation are all skills which can be learned.

Participants will learn why EQ is more important to success than IQ; and how to use their soft skills to brand themselves as unique and different. 

This workshop is for those Financial Professionals who want to hone their skills of persuasion and stand out as a brand that is distinctly different.

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“Perfect use of the day!
“Extremely Valuable.  Needed this one recorded on DVD”
“Great ideas for us to grow our business practices”
“Exceptional.  I’ll use these ideas immediately.”
“Awesome insight.  His analysis was awesome.”

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