Current Events Are White Noise

Current Events Are White Noise - Don Connelly video post

Seemingly each day, the media hysteria heightens. You’d think nobody would want a steady diet of bad news, but you and I know that it’s not going to stop. Why? Because bad news sells.

Do you ever wonder why bad news sells? Do you ever wonder why we focus on what’s wrong in the world? We do that because we’re concerned about anything that threatens our sense of wellbeing.

Watch this video or read the transcript below to learn why we do that and what you and your clients should focus on.

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Overcoming Information Overload: What Advisors Can Do to Help Their Clients

Overcoming Information Overload - What Advisors Can Do to Help Their Clients

Living in the digital world, with its instantaneous access to information, has made us smarter and more empowered. In many ways, it has leveled the playing field for clients who now have access to much of the same information once only available to investment professionals. Information is so highly valued that it is churned out 24/7, accessible on any number of devices people carry around. For clients especially, this should be a good thing, right?

The barrage of headlines and hype around market events often leads to behavioral mistakes, like following the panicky herd over the cliff during a market selloff or frantically trying to buy into the market after a massive rally. Studies show it is the primary reason why investors consistently underperform the market.

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Conquering Your Clients’ Financial Fears

Conquering Your Clients' Financial Fears

One of the most powerful emotions we all experience is fear. When it comes to our finances, fear can drive us to make decisions we later regret. More often, fear leads to decision paralysis when we retreat to the comfort of indecision or simply bury our heads in the sand.

To many people, their financial future is a threat to their well-being – the fear of not being able to retire, the possibility of losing one’s job, or being forced into early retirement. These are all financial threats that breed the worst kind of fear. Many people cope with them by doing everything they can to avoid them. That can be a lot easier than facing their fears, especially if they lack confidence in solving the problem.

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Teach Your Clients Not to Watch The Evening News

Teach Your Clients Not to Watch The Evening News

In our increasingly information-driven society, it’s your job to teach clients not to believe all they hear. They need you most of all when they’re being bombarded with negative news about the markets. Being exposed to excessive information without anyone there to guide them could see your clients making bad decisions regarding their investments.

Here are a few ideas how to make sure your clients stick to the plan despite what the media say.

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