Excellence Is a Habit – How to Develop it

Excellence is a habit - how to develop it

There is no convenient escalator to success, but rather a stairway which needs to be climbed step by step. No one becomes a great advisor overnight, or by being endowed with extra talent. Those that succeed do so because they’ve plied their trade day after day to such a degree that they have become the best at what they do. They have a plan and they stick to it; they understand what’s important and put their focus into these areas. They became ‘brilliant at the basics’.

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Being Proactive Is a Key to Financial Advisor’s Success

Being Proactive Is a Key to Financial Advisors Success

No one becomes a great financial advisor by accident. In order to become successful you must decide to be successful, and you’re the only person that can do this. If you don’t like where you are today then do something about it. Change, do things differently. The only thing standing between you and success is you. If you are tired of not having enough people to talk to, then make the decision to sharpen your prospecting skills. If you are tired of hearing people say they’ll ‘think it over’, make it your aim to learn how to better overcome their objections.

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Communicating as Intended Is Vital to Your Success

Financial Advisors Success - Communicate as Intended

Since it is your job to influence and persuade, what you say is not nearly as important as what the other person hears. To be successful, you’ve got to communicate as intended.

When folks say to you that they want to go home and think about what you proposed, they are most likely telling you that they haven’t fully understood what you said. They aren’t rethinking their decision to retire comfortably. They simply don’t want to buy into what they don’t understand.

Why are we misunderstood and what can we do about it?

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It Takes Persistence and Perseverance to Keep Doing a Difficult Thing

Persistence and Perseverance for Financial Advisors

Do you think it’s possible for you to become one of the best Financial Advisors in the world? How about in your firm or in your town? Is it possible for you to be great, to be admired and looked up to? How about rich? How about famous? Or are the rewards for the other guy? Have you thought long and hard about what it takes to become great?

It has been said that advice is what you seek when you already know the answer but wish you didn’t.

The good news is that all those things are within your grasp.

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Optimism Is a Choice

Optimism Attitude and Financial Advisors

I read an interesting article that stated each of us has nearly 60,000 thoughts per waking day, one each second. We mostly think about things we have thoughts about before and many of those thoughts are negative.

Mood and memory are linked.

For whatever reason, bad thoughts seem more powerful than good thoughts. We hash over the bad thoughts and we get in a bad mood. People in bad moods think negative thoughts. We should call it a negativity loop.

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Every Advisor Needs to Bring Back the Story

Don Connelly audio podcast

The ability to tell good stories is vital if you want people to like and trust you. Your clients like you and trust you. They didn’t buy a financial plan or a managed account. They bought you.

People can’t ‘buy’ you until they know you and the best way to get to know you is to hear your story. And they can’t hear your story until you tell it to them. The better you do that, the sooner you open the account. As Peter Guber says, you tell to win.

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