When Do People Get a Financial Advisor?

When Do People Get a Financial Advisor

No two clients are exactly alike. People generally get a financial advisor for a number of reasons. Therefore, you need a flexible process in place when it comes to approaching different prospects in accordance with their reasons for seeking financial advice.

Here are some cases when people get a financial advisor, along with their reasons for doing so and some recommendations on moving things forward.

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The First Client Meeting: Are You Making Any of These 10 Common Mistakes?

The First Client Meeting - 10 Common Mistakes

It’s all too easy to slip up in the first meeting and lose any opportunity to open the account – and this is especially true for new advisors.

In this post we’ll help you identify mistakes you could, without realizing it, be making. Take an honest appraisal – do you recognize yourself doing any of the following? If so, take action to fix these mistakes.

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