When Financial Advisors’ Self-Promotion Is Not Shameless

When Financial Advisors Self-Promotion Is Not Shameless

Is self-promotion a shameless thing for Financial Advisors? If we should be self-promoting, what exactly should we be self-promoting? Do I know wealthy people well enough to know what they consider unattractive? Where is the line I probably shouldn’t cross?

I think it’s a bad thing to promote yourself. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to promote the value you can and do add to peoples’ lives. I think it’s a bad thing to inflate your ego. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to explain that you are helping families succeed financially.

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Two Questions to Add to Your Repertoire

Success as a Financial Advisor Is Easy to Explain, but Difficult to Replicate

Effective communication is all about asking the right questions. I want to suggest two questions to ask your clients, two questions you might not be currently asking. It’s very important that you know what you are doing right, so that you can do more of it. Explain to your clients, new and old, that you are not on an ego trip but…

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