Top 10 Most-read Posts on Our Blog in 2019

Another year is about to end tomorrow – we hope it was as great for you as it was for us at Don Connelly & Associates. We’d like to close our blogging year with a recap of the most-read posts on the blog by tens of thousands of Financial Advisors and Wholesalers in 2019.

They are mostly on using stories and analogies, getting referrals and becoming brilliant at the basics. But there were also a couple of posts on preparing yourself for market corrections, overcoming your fears and building strong relationships with prospects and clients. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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Why You Need a “Who I Am” Story to Succeed

Why You Need a Who I Am Story to Succeed

When someone tells you they want to ‘think it over’ it’s a sign they haven’t invested in you. They are most likely not deciding about your recommendations. They are deciding about forming a relationship with you. Remember, the three most important things in this business are to be likeable, smart and trustworthy. A great way to be likeable and build trust is to tell a ‘who I am’ story to prospective clients. By telling them a story about yourself you can influence people and establish your credibility. A great story will resonate with clients, stir up their emotions and get them to act.

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