Hire Don Connelly for a Timely & Crucial Virtual Presentation/Conference Call that Will Teach Your Advisors the Story They Need to Be Telling Clients Right Now

This timely presentation will explain to Advisors how to guide their clients through market uncertainty and volatility.
During the presentation, Don Connelly will address three questions that Advisors need to answer:
  1. What do I do now?
  2. What do I say to my clients?
  3. How do I say it so it makes an impact?
This is a crucial and timely message that your prospective and current clients need to hear from you.

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Financial Advisors will get few, really few, career-building opportunities as great as the one that is staring them in the face right now.

Just as bull markets are followed by bear markets, bear markets are followed by bull markets. We don’t know if the bear market is over yet. What we do know is that it has brought unprecedented volatility that is not going away anytime soon. Advisors must get proactive right now.

This volatility is all to your good. It’s a perfect time to be reaching out to current clients. Many Advisors are surprised to learn that some of their clients have money sitting in the bank that they want to invest now. It’s also a perfect time for prospecting for future clients. Investors are uncertain and are looking for a leader to get them back on stable ground.

Don Connelly has been in this business for fifty-three years and this is only the fifth time in his career that an opportunity like this has presented itself.

Like the other four, this one will not be obvious until long after the fact. The other four times? 1974, 1982, 1987 and 2008. During this presentation, Don will explain what things felt like in those markets.

Advisors’ challenges today are quite clear. What can you say to keep clients calm and focused on their goals when they are mesmerized by daily performance? How do you convince prospective clients that you are a better option? How do you get people to look beyond the short-term?

You do all of these things by understanding that emotional clients do not respond well to facts and figures. They do respond well to stories and analogies that are easy to understand and remember. I will give you those stories and analogies.

Here’s the message you will take away from this presentation.

This volatility is not going to go away anytime soon. You can’t stop and start your business every time the wind shifts. My advice is that the faster things get, the more you slow down. The more your competition focuses on what changes, the more you focus on what never changes. No matter where this market goes, no matter how long it takes the economy to recover and no matter who wins in November, your clients always have goals. That’s never going to change. Clients want to educate their kids, pay their taxes and retire. The other thing that will never change is that you’ve got to make a living no matter who’s in the White House or what a barrel of oil costs. Focus on your clients’ goals. Everything else is white noise.

If you think this presentation would be of value to your firm, please call 941.346.1166 or email info@donconnelly.com so we can discuss the details and schedule a date for a presentation. And, if you’d like to discuss having Don present to your Clients, he has a crucial and timely message for them as well.

About Don Connelly

Don Connelly’s career on Wall Street spans nearly 50 years and today he is one of the most successful speakers in the Financial Advisory industry. Don Connelly educates, entertains and motivates audiences; more importantly – he inspires financial Advisors to achieve great accomplishments through mastering the conversational tools and soft skills that allow financial professionals to communicate with their clients in a totally confident, straightforward and understandable way.

Don’s mission for financial professionals is profound, yet simple:

The more successful we become the further we get away from the basics that made us successful in the first place. Learn to do something right and then do it right every single time.

What Financial Advisors Say about Don Connelly’s Training

In an industry that is constantly trying to reinvent itself it’s nice to hear someone, indeed a legend like yourself, preaching the virtues of being nice to people, earning their respect and trust, and learning as a student of the game anything and everything to help mom and dad at the kitchen table.

Thanks so much for what you’ve given me to get back on track — $2.5 million in new assets and possibly another $5 million in the pipeline. Back to the basics-I listen to three podcasts of yours every morning before getting ready for work. Thanks for your wisdom and common sense.

You have my eternal gratitude for making my business successful. Thank you again for your contribution to this great business. I am confident that you have touched and improved endless number of lives.

Don, thank you for all your support over the years. You have had a major impact on the way I approach my meetings and presentations. In short…..”Game Changer.

I have learned so much from you in the past couple of days, since joining Don Connelly 24/7. I love your style and ability to say it like it is. You have such a fantastic way of putting things into perspective.

I have to say you have been an inspiration to me over my career. I always look to your stories to lift me through the bad times and keep me charged during the good ones. Keep up the good work. It works!

Thank you for the many years of inspiration. You have been a driving force in my business for years.

The Don of forthright, practical, time tested and market proven financial advice training. Full of one liners; totally authentic. Love it.

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