How to Win Over Clients by Becoming More Likeable

Become Likeable - Win Over Clients

People will only do business with you if they like you and trust you. Human decisions are generally subjective. Even if you are the most professional financial advisor out there, if people don’t warm to you they won’t commit to you. Prospects will not choose you simply because you are competent; they will choose to do business with you because you are competent and likeable.

By becoming likeable you will stand head and shoulders above other advisors. And you don’t need innate talent to become more likeable. You can learn how to radiate confidence and charisma.

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5 Ways Storytelling Helps Financial Advisors Succeed

5 Ways Storytelling Helps Financial Advisors Succeed

Think about the last “Great Presentation” you attended, where you felt as if the speaker was speaking your mind. How did this experience make you feel about the presenter?

Did you think he or she was so smart? Were you moved to ask for their business card or connect over LinkedIn? Or maybe you just walked up to say how much you loved their presentation? When you went back home, did you share your experience with someone?

For a truly great presentation, I believe the answer to at least one of these questions would be a “Yes”.

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How to Use Stories and Analogies to Influence and Persuade

How to Use Stories to Influence and Persuade - for Financial Advisors

During our latest monthly webinar, held July 24, 2104, we discussed the importance of speaking in such a manner that our listener understands everything we say. It is the Advisor’s job to influence and persuade and it all begins with communicating clearly. “We want to go home and think it over” is often code-speak for “We don’t really understand you.”

When you give a good presentation full of sound advice and people choose not to act, what went wrong? Why did they choose not to do business with you? Why did you fail to move them?

There really aren’t that many possible answers to this question.

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