How to Win Over Clients by Becoming More Likeable

Become Likeable - Win Over ClientsPeople will only do business with you if they like you and trust you. Human decisions are generally subjective. Even if you are the most professional financial advisor out there, if people don’t warm to you they won’t commit to you. Prospects will not choose you simply because you are competent; they will choose to do business with you because you are competent and likeable.

By becoming likeable you will stand head and shoulders above other advisors. And you don’t need innate talent to become more likeable. You can learn how to radiate confidence and charisma.

Low self-esteem is a charisma killer

You can’t build charisma and become likeable if you don’t have self-confidence. If you from time-to-time find yourself feeling insecure, you’re not alone. This is actually a common phenomenon and a lot of advisors are in a constant battle with their self-image. But it’s essential to tackle this issue. If you come across as though you lack social competence, prospects will suspect you may lack other competencies too. They won’t trust you.

So choose to be optimistic. Feel as though you deserve your success, and don’t feel like an imposter. In order to do this you need to face your fears and get more self-confident.

How can you learn to be likeable?

Ina 2012 article, Eva Rykrsmith pointed out that “researchers John Antonakis, Marika Fenley, and Sue Liechti of University of Lausanne found that training managers on what they call “charismatic leadership tactics” (CLTs) can enable them to be more influential and trustworthy; we can learn charisma.’

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • When you’re talking to clients use metaphors, similes and analogies. Encourage engagement by asking rhetorical questions, for example “I bet you paid more for your last car than you did for your first house?”
  • Establish credibility by expressing moral conviction. Make statements to show you empathise with the feelings of the other person. Insist on high goals to demonstrate your passion and commitment and let clients know they are your first priority; their goal is your goal, and you will be there to hold their hand and walk them through the financial minefield.
  • Use an animated voice. Convey passion because it’s contagious. Invoke history. Talk about sacrifice, and use humor if it comes naturally to you. Use stories to help you create an emotional connection with people.
  • Emanate confidence not only in your face and voice, but in your gestures too.

We like people who like us

When you first meet someone you make your mind up whether you like them or not. And in general if you get the feeling someone likes you, you will like them back.

When meeting anyone, it’s a good idea to talk less and listen more. Be polite and be respectful and people will see you as likeable. Co-operate with people, be aware, and smile. Be honest, have integrity and listen, and people will like you. Overcome your instinct to talk first otherwise you won’t learn. When you’re actively listening the message you’re sending out is “I find you interesting” and people will like you.

Give unexpected compliments because everyone likes to be noticed in a nice way, and it’s guaranteed to make you likeable. Never be cheesy or cynical though, because people will see through you in a second.

Rehearse your tactics and employ them when and where appropriate and you’ll soon develop a bond with prospects and clients. Don’t bombard people with all your tactics at once. Use a select few and see what works for you.  Once you know how to become more likeable things will get easier and you will soon get where you want to go. As always, preparation is key.

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