If You Try to Be Perfect, You Will Always Fall Short

If You Try to Be Perfect You Will Always Fall Short

Don’t constantly strive for perfection. You will never achieve it. It will simply waste your energy and make you miserable. Instead, focus on what is achievable.

Sharpen your best skills and qualities so you can showcase them to clients and prospects. Practice them over and over until you get things right every time. Don’t dwell on what you’re not so good at.

Here are some ways to forget perfection and strive for excellence.

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Stick to the Basics – Success Tip for Financial Advisors

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Let’s talk a bit about sticking to the basics.

I had the good fortune one time of talking with Quinn Buckner. Quinn Buckner, I believe, won a national championship in college in basketball, played in the NBA for the Boston Celtics. I’m a basketball fan and a big Celtic fan. Quinn played with Larry Bird who I think, along with Michael Jordan, is the best that ever lived.

I asked Quinn Buckner what the most amazing thing was that he ever saw Larry Bird do. And he said:

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