17 Online Resources for Financial Advisors

17 Online Resources for Financial AdvisorsAlthough the internet is a source of both knowledge and leads for today’s Financial Advisor, there seems to be a shortage of insightful authorities on key topics in our industry. On top of that, you’ll face a steep learning curve, with constantly changing trends and best practices as you grow in your career.

To help you address a wide range of issues in your every day jobs, we’ve put together a list of websites and blogs for financial professionals.

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Here are the 17 online resources, in no particular order, which could aid your success as a Financial Advisor.

1.      FT Alphaville

The folks at Financial Times bring together their best insights on the FT Alphaville blog. Industry professionals frequently share and discuss the incredibly well researched market information, analysis and high-speed morning briefings. One of our favorite features is the ‘Long Room’, where financial bloggers, market professionals and commentators debate topics relevant to our industry.

2.      Advisor Perspectives

This website emphasizes the “actionable” nature of the advice it supplies to the financial community. You can find here primarily news and commentaries pertaining to investment strategy.

3.      Think Advisor

Think Advisor has established itself as an authoritative online destination for the financial advisory community. Spanning various fields (wealth management, technology, policy, and professional developments), the website delivers content through online commentary and news, events, trade shows and webcasts.

4.      Financial Advisor Magazine

Financial Advisor is known for being a critical part of the financial advisory toolkit when it comes to identifying sophisticated planning strategies and best practices. The Financial Advisor approach is designed for marketing to and understanding affluent clients, while also giving advisors resources to build their firms.

5.      The Research Puzzle

The Research Puzzle takes an interesting and slightly different approach to serving you content and insights of what’s going on in the financial services industry. To quote the author, Tom Brakke, “While the entire endeavor resists easy answers, you will definitely find opinions here. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, you will see musings and questions that are intended to make you think about the puzzles that are in front of you, and to adopt a fresh approach to their solutions.”

6.      Abnormal Returns

The Abnormal Returns blog is known for one thing – curating the best of investing knowledge across the web. It is managed by successful private investor, Tadas Viskanta, who has built a reputation in the industry after almost a decade of blogging.

7.      ‘Crossing Wall Street’

‘Crossing Wall Street’ is renowned in the financial media industry for their original content, which they present elegantly through graphs, polls and research. These are further discussed through market perspectives.

8.      DealBreaker

As the name suggests, DealBreaker is on the cutting edge of the financial industry, understanding the personalities and the trends that make it tick. Readers get access to insightful commentaries, news, and even some funny content for entertainment. It is perfect for young professionals entering the industry.

9.      The Wall Street Journal

With multiple international editions and a content strategy, focusing on everything associated with wealth, The Wall Street Journal will bring content on everything from investing in international art to gold prices. Its crisp style provides a quick breezy read to financial advisors on the go on everything they need to succeed, and then something more.

10. Wealth Management

As the name suggests, Wealth Management covers the entire spectrum of wealth and asset management for professionals across finance and real estate industries.

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11. Investment News

Along with Investment news, the website provides important research in the form of surveys, studies and advisor tools. It also serves as a platform for industry events and organizes regular webcasts and video features.

12. FPPad

What initially started as a blog for news and insights for financial planners has become a major consulting resource for the financial industry. A key area it focuses on is financial planning technology, where the blog truly excels.

13. FierceFinanceIT

FierceFinanceIT is known as a specialist in news on trading, banking, tech advances in the industry, and finance information technology. The library of whitepapers, eBooks and webinars is also worth looking into.

14. Advisor Websites

The Advisor Websites blog is incredibly popular in the financial planning community for its wealth of contemporary knowledge and digital marketing tools that planners can use. This includes setting up a website, doing SEO, managing social media, and more.

15. Retirement Researcher

One of the most exciting challenges for both financial advisors and their clients is managing their retirement. The Retirement Researcher blog goes beyond just asset management; it looks into income planning, legality, the complex concepts behind financial instruments, and more.

16. Financial Planning Association YouTube Channel

The Financial Planning Association is perhaps the most comprehensive YouTube channel for financial planners, students and anyone else interested in this industry. The channel is known for its brief, lucid and enjoyable videos on professional education and business success for contemporary professionals.

17. Don Connelly’s blog

If you liked this selection of online resources for Financial Advisors, you should definitely add Don Connelly’s blog to your feed reader. Every Monday, you can find here a blog post, aimed at helping you hone the soft skills, which you need so much to succeed as a Financial Advisor. From storytelling, through presentation, persuasion, communication with clients, to prospecting, building a successful practice and becoming an Elite Advisor – this blog is designed to help you excel and develop soft skills.

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