Thrive on Rejection – Don’t Let It Ruin Your Financial Advisor Career

Thrive on Rejection – Dont Let It Ruin Your Financial Advisor Career 1

In order to succeed you need to prospect, open accounts and get referrals. To achieve these aims you need to face your fear of rejection. Rejection is an occupational hazard so rather than fear rejection you must find a way to thrive on it. Coca Cola sold 400 cokes in their first year. Henry Ford’s first two companies went under. They obviously learned to thrive on rejection. And if you don’t too you will halt any chance of success dead in its tracks.

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There Is a Shortage of Accountability – Be Responsible

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Your clients will love you if you insist on being accountable for your own actions. Your clients look to you as a leader. They depend upon you to lead them to their goals safely and on time.

One of the key components of leadership is accountability.

If you hold yourself accountable for everything you say and do, people will respond favorably. It is so refreshing to hear someone take responsibility for his or her own actions.

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You Are Not Paid to Be Right All the Time

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As the markets become more and more complex, keep in mind that not everything you recommend will work out. It’s okay to feel badly when something doesn’t work. It’s not okay to feel guilty.

One problem with feeling guilty is that we tend to doubt ourselves. Your clients don’t deserve that. They desperately need you to have confidence in yourself. Have an opinion and be there for them. That’s hard to do when you feel guilty.

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