An Idea on Getting Referrals and Thanking Clients

I have a friend who every year has a dinner for those clients who gave him a referral that became a new account during the year.

Watch the video below or read the transcript to learn the details about the referral dinner concept.

At the beginning of every year, my friend announces he is going to do a referral dinner. It has almost become a competition among his clients.

The dinner is wonderful, because there aren’t a ton of clients who give referrals that become new accounts, so he can actually take them to a very fine restaurant and the cost is relatively reasonable.

It is a way of thanking his clients and he makes that point at the dinner.

He gets up and says:

“I want you to know that you are my most important clients. I’m saying this behind closed doors. I’m saying it to you – I grow my business by referral, you’ve helped me grow my business, that’s the point of this evening. I want to thank you and I hope we can continue to do this.”

Something to consider.

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