The Best Newsletters for Financial Advisors

The Best Newsletters for Financial Advisors

The list of traits and characteristics financial advisors must have or develop to be successful is long. We’ve discussed many here, including excellent communication skills, outstanding work ethic, uncommon optimism, persistence, and resilience, a hunger for self-improvement, and a passion for helping people achieve their goals, to name a few. While all are essential, advisors with ambitions of becoming tops in their field must also have a zest for learning and staying abreast of the news, trends, and developments that impact their business.

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Put The Client Before Yourself

From Don Connelly Blog - audio post

As you know I’m always on a lookout for a good story. I read a great story not long ago, in Motivational Manager, told by Dana McCary who is a motivational speaker.

He said that when he was growing up, he’d been a waiter at Opryland in Nashville. He learned a very important business lesson.

Listen to the story or read the transcript below.

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10 Things Clients Want from Their Advisors

Don Connelly tips on his blog

One of the things I’ve observed over the years is that good service does not sell. Great service sells.

Watch this video to hear Don explain how to make your service great.

One of the firms I really admire has done something that is so good that when you put together your service proposal, you have to refer to it.

The firm is Cadaret Grant. The late Mac Cadaret was a wonderful guy, Art Grant is a friend. The men and women that work there have built a tremendous organization. They took the time and the presence of mind to ask clients what top ten things they wanted from their advisors. I thought you’d like the answer.

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Why Financial Advisors Get Fired

Why Financial Advisors Get Fired

Financial advisors get fired because they aren’t ‘the full package’. They may provide ‘good’ service, but is it exceptional? They may have a winning personality, but do they pay attention to their clients? They may return calls but never instigate them – and while they may understand their products, do they believe in them?

In order to make sure you don’t get fired you need to cover all these bases and more.

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What’s New on Don Connelly 24/7 in March

What's New Don Connelly 24/7 March 2014

This blog post series is the answer to Financial Advisors’ emails – an easy way to track what’s new on our members’ website Don Connelly 24/7 without actually being a member.

You won’t be able to access the details of each new premium content item like podcasts and newsletters, but you will know what topics Don discusses, what questions he answers, what issues he is helping with through the learning center each month.

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Without Integrity, There Is No Credibility

Without Integrity Financial Sdvisors Don't Have Credibility

If you are to be chosen as someone’s Financial Advisor, you must pass three tests. The person must like you and think you are smart, but, most importantly, the person must trust you. There is no substitute for trust.

When mom and dad leave you after that first meeting, they do not talk about convexity or tactical asset allocation.

They ask themselves one question: “Do you trust him? Do you trust her?” If the answer is ‘no’ or ‘not really’, you stand no chance of getting those folks as clients. There are too many other Advisors they can turn to.

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