Put The Client Before Yourself

As you know I’m always on a lookout for a good story. I read a great story not long ago, in Motivational Manager, told by Dana McCary who is a motivational speaker.

Listen to the story or read the transcript below for the takeaway message on customer service.

He said that when he was growing up, he’d been a waiter at Opryland in Nashville. He learned a very important business lesson.

He said in this article:

“One day, a diner called me over and asked for a new fork, saying the one on the table was soiled. I looked the fork over before leaving to bring the customer a fresh one. A more experienced waiter told me moments later – if you want to be good in this business, never look.”

McCary explains the lesson in these words:

If someone needs something, get it. If someone asks you to do something, do it. Put the guest before yourself.

That’s so true in our business – put the client before yourself.

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