You Have to Take Risks to Reach Your Goals

Here’s a Mr. and Mrs. Client story to help you explain to prospects and clients why taking risks is necessary.

Listen to the audio or read the transcript for the full story and takeaway message.

Mr. and Mrs. Client, I know you know what to do. Let me show you how to do it.

I’ll choose for you those investments which will give you the highest possible returns, with the least amount of risk and the most favorable tax consequences. You give me a little bit of money each month and at age 65 I’ll give you a million dollars. That’s the deal. And once you pay me a commission or a fee, I’m on retainer for life. I work for you, 24/7.

I know you’re going to feel there’s some risk involved in investing, but you must be willing to take risks in order to reach your goals. The reality is America was built on risk. You’ve got to take risks in order to reach your goals. That’s a fact of life.

I also want you to look out as a closing point, outside the United States. If you invest only in America and US securities, you’re missing 70% of the world’s marketplace. See this pencil I’m holding Mr. and Mrs. Client, this isn’t a pencil. This is rubber from Malaysia, this is tin from Bolivia, this is wood from Canada and this is graphite from the United States. Do you see what I’m saying?

That’s my lesson for today.

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