The Pool Table Story

I want to tell you a story about really knowing your audience – about  being comfortable as a salesperson.

Watch the video or read the transcript below to hear Don’s story and decide if you really know your audience.

Several years ago I had a pool table that I wanted to sell. It was a very elaborate table. It was a great table. I didn’t have time to sell it on eBay because I travel constantly. So I called someone in the Yellow Pages that I found on  the internet, who was an ‘eBay broker’, for lack of a better word.

I gave him the pool table listing and we set a price. Although  I thought it was a little low I was fine with the price. The pool table sat there on Ebay for three months. Although we saw some increase in  bids it was  nothing really serious.

One day he called me and said, “I sold the pool table.” So I asked him – “how did you possibly sell it after all this time?” He said – “I raised the price.”

I thought you’d want to know that story. Think about that the next time you think your fee is too high. 

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