The Success Formula

I came across an article I thought was terrific. It’s called The Success Formula, apparently it’s from a book which I must admit I have not read, a book by Bob Adams called Streetwise Business Tips: Two Hundred Ways to Get Ahead in Business, Most of Which I learned the Hard Way, which is a great title. It was published by Adams Media Corp.

And there are ten steps in this success formula.

Watch the video or read the transcript below to learn what these ten steps are – It’s a long list but it’s  well worth reading as it really is a great formula for getting ahead.

#1. Have a five-year plan for success.

That’s important. You’re where you are today because of the decisions you made five years ago. Where you end up five years from today is going to be based on the decisions you make today. You’re better off with a plan than no plan.

#2. Realize that you, not others, ultimately control your success.

We all learn the hard way – if you don’t make your own decisions, someone’s going to make them for you. So control your own destiny.

#3. Brainstorm alternatives to tough decisions.

Before you plunge off the deep end, talk to people. Talk it out. Make sure you’re making the right decision.

#4. Celebrate your achievements.

Take a minute to pause. You know, people say, “Oh, I’m failing, I’m stuck at 300,000 GDC,” or whatever – think differently. Think of how far you’ve come from day one. You’re at this level. Give yourself a little pat on the back. Celebrate your achievements, then go to the next level.

#5. Shrug off your setbacks.

Winners think setbacks are temporary. Losers think, “why me?” Setbacks are temporary.

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#6. Develop a support network.

That’s important. You know when the mountain climbers get all the credit that no one talks about the people manning the base camp who are bringing up the supplies at night while doing the same thing the mountain climbers are doing, but half the time wearing sneakers and flip flops and carrying all that heavy weight. Everyone needs a support group. So develop a support network.

#7. Always stand for integrity.

As an advisor all you have is your reputation. Once it’s gone you can’t get it back. It may take three years to build a building, but you can tear it down in two days. Iit’s the same with success and trust, so always stand for integrity.

#8. Remind yourself that every day is a new opportunity.

Every morning when you wake up, and I know it’s hard to do if not impossible, but try to put yesterday behind you, whether you succeeded or failed, put it behind you. Today’s a new day.

#9. Keep yourself in top physical condition.

I’ll even expand on that. I think you’ve got to be well mentally, spiritually, and physically. I’ve seen people in the midst of personal turmoil be it financial issues, divorce, or something else. It knocks them off their game, because they get preoccupied. So keeping yourself in top physical condition is a great way to get an edge.

#10. Always be open to learning new ideas

There’s too many people that think they know everything. Knowledge is not power. If knowledge were power, small producers would control the world, because they know everything.  Whenever I speak, it’s always the biggest advisors that sit down front. So always be open to learning new ideas.

So let me recap the ten.

It’s called The Success Formula from Streetwise Business Tips by Bob Adams, Adams Media Group.

  • Number one; have a five-year plan for success.
  • Number two; realize that you, not others, control your own success.
  • Number three; brainstorm alternatives to tough decisions.
  • Number four; celebrate your achievements.
  • Number five; shrug off your setbacks.
  • Number six; develop a support network.
  • Number seven; always stand for integrity.
  • Number eight; remind yourself that every day is a new opportunity.
  • Number nine; keep yourself in top physical condition.
  • Number ten; always be open to learning new ideas.

It’s a great formula, The Success Formula.

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